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4 Fast Ways to Maintain Productivity at “Work”

Posted Saturday, November 12, 2011 by momscashblog | 24 Comments so far

Fotolia 12690217 L 300x199  4 Fast Ways to Maintain Productivity at WorkChoosing to run (or work for) an internet-based business from the comforts of your home is an excellent way to earn some extra income. But you have to actually work to make money.  And whether you’ve already learned it the hard way or not, your home is filled tons of distractions that can prevent you from actually being productive—there’s the television, the phone, and your kids just to name a few.  To make sure that you are always the most productive that you can be however, follow these 4 simple (yet effective) tips below.

4) Don’t Stay in Your PJs.  Even though technically you could simply roll out of bed and start working (after all no one is going to see you) it’s best if you don’t loaf around in your pajamas all day while you work.  Shower, wash your face, brush your teeth, comb your hair and put on some decent clothes—you don’t need a pant suit by any means, but you’ll feel more equipped to tackle all of your assignments and feel more “professional” with decent clothes; this feeling alone is what may be needed for you to boost your productivity. Not to mention, being clean and well dressed can help you exuberant a stream of confidence and absorb a “go-getter” attitude when working on assignments. (more…)

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Making Money on the Internet During Hard Times

Posted Thursday, May 19, 2011 by momscashblog | 20 Comments so far
It’s that time of year where many households are getting ready to do some  spring cleaning.  Purging closets and putting away items that you may not be using or even want anymore. Some people may be thinking of having the perennial “lawn sale/tag sale” to rid their homes/lives of clutter & bring in some extra money. Reading articles lately about down sizing, simplifying our lives and our homes, makes this a perfect time to get rid of clutter and make money from your home or make money online.

With the economic changes, I think it’s safe to say all of usFotolia 747996 XS 300x226 Making Money on the Internet During Hard Times are feeling the squeeze one way or another. Gas prices are at an all time high, lay offs, downsizing in the work place, and food prices keep on rising.  It isn’t any wonder that people are looking for ways to make extra money, on & off the Internet now more than ever. There are a multitude of ways to make money online, many  that we all know about, even some I’m sure that haven’t been thought of yet.

eBay was one of the earlier ways of making money on the Internet.  It was a great opportunity for stay at home moms, entrepreneurial moms/ dads, anyone who had something they wanted to  buy or sell. eBay was the  place to sell that item & make money from the Web.
There were many people who made  good money when this dot com first surfaced and are still making money by setting up their own stores on eBay. Where else will you find people from around the world  looking at your items that you have up for sale or auction?
eBay was  the largest retail site on the Web, although now Amazon and several other websites participate in auctions and merchandising. However eBay has always been the go to site for selling and buying anything that one could imagine.  Potential for anyone to make money from your home is just a few steps away. Go over to eBay.com and get yourself familiar with the site,  there is some tax & registration information that will need to be done (if you want to start selling as a business) but nothing you can’t handle.You are then on your way to making money on the Internet. (more…)

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The Secrets of Turning Ones Passion into Making Money Online

Posted Wednesday, April 28, 2010 by momscashblog | 29 Comments so far

newecover1asm 125x150 The Secrets of Turning Ones Passion into Making Money OnlineTurning Ones Passion into a Business

We are always looking for new ways to make money online. We discuss affiliate marketing, starting a blog, or dropshipping with websites. But have you heard of “the Maker Movement” or “hobbypreneurs”?    It’s considered a “boom” on the internet, turning ones passions into  small businesses. A person with a gift  for  knitting, the arts, jewelry making,  writing stories or poetry whatever hobby you are into, can now make you money on the internet. Taking those hobbies  and creating a store online (small business) with the help of new internet applications that are coming out almost everyday,  anyone can now feature their wares on the internet and make money.

A lot of us have heard or are members of one of the very best sites on the internet for people with any kind of artistic know how, or a passion for crafting and that would be Etsy’s dot com. It is like a global marketplace where one can buy or sell their handmade items and turn them into cash. Martha Stewart has featured Etsy’s on her show several times as her favorite craft website. If any of you haven’t ever visited http://etsy.com you’ll see some of the most talented & unique craftsmanship, give it a look. Etsy’s gives you, the artist or craftsman a chance to make money and show  your work on your storefront.

People of all ages are turning their passions for crafts,hobbies, writings, & music  into businesses where it can either be full  or part time jobs.   Typically some of these ventures do just start off as a hobby or a love for a certain craft and later it transforms into a business online.

On Demand Publishing

Since the use of the internet, computer programs and high tech tools, things have been easier and cheaper to make in this age of  internet technology. You can now become a published author with your own hard or soft cover books. There are POD “print on demand” dot coms, self publishing, and ODP “on demand publishing” dot coms now.  One can get their stories, cookbooks, how to books or even that book of poetry  you have always thought you had in  you published, printed and you can start selling it at Amazon dot com or maybe Barnes & Noble. Have you had  dreams about vampires, like Stephanie Meyers phenom author of the Twilight series? I know she didn’t go with a ODP “on demand publishing” but just think about it, if you have a story in you you can get it published now without having to go through a large publishing company just to get turned down.

On cnn.com I had read an article about the subject of “on demand publishing” where the Director of http://lulu.com (which is one of the many “on demand publishing co.’s that one can find by a search) Gail Jordan was talking about all the great things that this fairly new nontraditional publishing companies can offer anyone who wants to write and get published. Jordan was saying there is no one telling you that they want you to change chapter 6 to chapter 10, or that the title doesn’t work for them, remember you can’t get rejected.  You pay for these services and they give you what you want without making you change anything.  Let’s not forget that this could be considered  “Green Publishing” you are only getting a certain amount of books printed so trees are being saved by using these services. (more…)

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My Servers Got Overloaded?

Posted Thursday, April 8, 2010 by momscashblog | 21 Comments so far

I have been working on a mini series for Momscashblog about 2 different friends who are making money on-line or rather on the internet. It involves two different posts/stories on how they are making “money by using the internet”.  We are all use to hearing or writing about how to make money online and although there is nothing new here,  I thought of these friends and how they “used the internet to make money” and    how any of us could do the same.

Before I publish Part 1 of my mini series, I felt that I had to write this post when unforeseen circumstances came to my attention. I’ve  found myself dealing with these circumstances and knew that I had to vent and bring this new issue out in the open.

My Servers Got Overloaded?

In the last few months I’ve received 2 separate  invitations from “The Adword team” that came in February as a Valentine card with a $100 redeemable coupon to put an ad up on Google Adwords. The card came to my home address via snail  mail, a red card with a white heart on the front saying “$100 free Google Adwords(tm) offer for Adsense customers – Redeem your coupon code at www.google.com/ads/overload.”  Then  you are provided with a code  that you enter after you have created your ad.   At the end of the card  was  a “special” greeting “Happy Valentine’s Day.  xoxo The Adwords team.”  (Sweet isn’t it?)

It would be very sweet to use the $100. and put an ad up on Google, are you kidding me who wouldn’t enjoy getting an ad up for nothing? Especially right now with times being hard and some of us are noticing low traffic rates. But there are a lot of problems that have been happening with this Google Adword campaign as I was soon to find out. When you do get to the Adword  page and start to put your ads together which isn’t an easy feat in itself. One has to think about what you want to say on your ad then there is the matter of what words are you going to use, remember some words are worth a lot and your ad price could go way up if people click on them leaving you paying a big ol’ bill to Google. Of course this all depends on what your budget is, if you are planning on using the $100 free coupon and maybe are willing to put in an extra one hundred dollars then you should pick your words with some trepidation. If you have a large budget along with the free coupon then you can really make your ad with the best keywords that you want to use. (more…)

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Sell Your Used Books – Make Money & Enter Contest

Posted Friday, December 11, 2009 by momscashblog | 31 Comments so far

MomsCashBlog  has the honor of being asked by CKY Books to let everyone know about a great contest they are running and the chances for you to make money by selling any of your used books. This is a unique contest one that will enter your name if & when you sell your used books to Cky Books.

I have mentioned and written several post in the past about Cky books because I really stand behind this family owned business. They have a very clean and easy site to read and work with, if you have any problems they will always email you back within a day or sooner in most cases.  What better time of year to make a little extra cash by cleaning up and selling some of those used text books  that you have hanging around? While your at it you will be entered to win some of their prizes that Cky books are offering for their Holiday Contest. So take a peek at the rest of the post and find out how to sell those used books and chance to win some prizes. Good luck to all of you. (more…)

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Should You Send Daily RSS Feeds?

Posted Friday, October 31, 2008 by momscashblog | 24 Comments so far

 Are you one of those bloggers who feels the pressure to write a post every day on your blog and send your RSS feed out with every post? Well, not so fast! You could be turning off your readers by doing this. Many behaviorial studies have been performed on internet usage and they’ve found there is a point where people turn off when they get too much e-mail information from the same source.
Advertisers who sent e-mails LESS often, had MORE of a chance of getting their e-mails opened and possibly responded to. For an advertiser the golden number was one e-mail a month, unless they had a special offer that “really wowed” the customer and enticed them to open the e-mail. In that case, 7 times out of 10 it would get read, but any more than that, and the customers would turn off to the e-mails. Advertisers who use e-mail campaigns find that if they send correspondence to the same people regularly, they quickly turn off to the mail and even find them to be a big nuisance… especially if they’re received on a consistant basis. The campaigns that sent e-mail ads every day, and sometimes more than once a day, got the worst response. These e-mails were sent to the delete box and the recipients thought of them as having little or no credibility. The more e-mails they got from the same source, the more the recipient considered them scams and of course they would not get read!  This is very important information for bloggers because the same could be happening with your RSS subscribers if you overload them with e-mails on a daily basis. You could be thought of as a “pest”! (more…)

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How Much Money Does a Blog Make?

Posted Friday, August 1, 2008 by momscashblog | 23 Comments so far

When I bought MomsCashBlog in early May I knew very, very little about how blogs worked and my technical skills were ah.. pretty low! lol. One thing I did know is that to make money sometimes you have to take a risk, and the best way to learn something fast is to just jump right in feet first!  That way you have no choice but to learn the ropes. (it’s sink or swim… and most people swim! lol) So I bought a blog that was already in progress… already monetized by a pro, had good PageRank, and had a great tutorial to market and attract new visitors.

Back then I planned to tell my blog earnings after the first 3 months, no matter what it was. August 4 will be the official end of the 3rd month, but this is close enough to give you an idea as I’m rounding off the amounts anyways. I have never divulged any of my incomes before, much less put it on the internet! lol But I want to do my blogging earnings just this once. I feel obligated to tell this because I think it’s encouraging to others who are starting a blog and for those who want to get into blogging. It’s just good to know  what some blogs make. (more…)

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