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Posted Friday, May 2, 2008 by momscashblog | 35 Comments so far

I am so sorry to keep everyone waiting. I have read some of the comments and thanks for all them, I will try to answer some of them. Thanks neeshy.com for your comment “jj is a new blogger and things are probably a little hecitc for her.” New, hectic Hell I’m shaking in my boots. I only hope I can get through these next few days. Kyrsti has been training me and I do mean training I need everything she has inside that pretty little head of hers. She is one smart and savvy woman, but she had faith that I could do this so I have made my mind up that I will do it and hopefully do it well. I know I will have a few stumbles along the way but can only hope that you will all stick with me and help me out. I do want this MOMSCASHBLOG to be an interactive vehicle where we will help each other in our quest to make money blogging online. Earlier today I had a post all written and looked it over several times and thought it was good and ready to go out into the WorldWideWeb (that’s a scary thought) I hit the button Publish and it is not anywhere to be found. So much for the WWW, tonight when I get my tutoring from Krysti I hope she doesn’t give me a bad grade. I take notes but somewhere along the line I messed up, when I find out what I did wrong I will share with all of you. Hopefully you will also share your “first times” on blogging, publishing, or any of your other first. I had plans for my first post to tell you how I first began back in
December looking for a way to make money online. I had put in several searches and came up with many different ways to make money at home online by filling out surveys. I started to sign up for the surveys and would sit at the computer minutes upon minutes checking off the apporiate boxes. Then it would turn into hours and when one page had been checked off you hit next and then another page, there seemed to be no end. It was like a black hole-next-next well when I finally finished a couple of those surveys, I will tell you I have never received any money from any of the survey companies. I am sure a lot of you have gone down that survey road with little or no results. Let us all know about your experiences with surveys or any other money making scams on-line. You will see to the right that MCB has an ad for SURVEY SAVVY now this is one that I will be filling out and working on. I feel anything that Krysti has endorsed is worth all of us signing up for it. Even if it is only $20. here and there that will help all of us out one way or another. With the economy the way it is, gas prices and the rise in certain food product then we can all use any money that we can make. I just have issues with making $2.00 or .50 cents on filing out surveys for hours at a time. But let me explain that I never made any money from any of the surveys that I did fill out. As Krysti explained in her webcam I am new to the blogging world and I have so far made a grand total of 11cents. That’s it, honestly why would one kid about something so important as their income. lol I promise to tell you all the very interesting stories of how I made that 11cents on-line. I want to make mcb an interactive vehicle where we can all share our flips

or flops from online experiences. I just filled out the SURVEY SAVVY form tonight and it was very easy. I also saw that Krysti had made about $300.00 from filling out surveys and that was for a month! So I guess we had all better get right onto that and fill out the form for SURVEY SAVVY. As I had said I trust anything that Krysti endorses and this is definitly one of those endorsements. I also wanted to bring to your or anyones attention that if you click on the free tutorial above you will find an informative and an easy to follow guide on how to set up your own blog online. Blogging is a new way to make money online, I guess it’s not all that new but to some of us especially myself it is something I came upon in the last few months. If you click on the above tutorial on how to set up a blog then click onto Mr. Lincoln the shiny new penny and use your credit card or your debit card to pay your one cent you will get a host for only a penny after you enter the info.,codes ect. You are now on your way to starting your own blog and hopefully make money online. So please feel free to drop by and leave your comments or any suggestions that you would like to see on the new mcb. I am hoping that we will make this a community of bloggers who will help each other with the money, technical, content, and artistic ways of putting a great blog out to the world. Don’t forget to tune in again to hear about my very interesting story of how I made “now hang on don’t get too excited” a whopping big 11cents!!!!!! Yes you heard me right…don’t hate me for making money.

See ya,


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Black Sheep Bloggers – Be Unique

Posted Sunday, March 16, 2008 by momscashblog | 9 Comments so far

Today I wanted to talk about blogs and how to make them unique and interesting. I think a lot of people are very mainstream when it comes to blogging. It seems like people are afraid to use colors, sounds, video, and the list goes on. I don’t know about you guys, but I love when I come across a blog that offers something different or fun! I try to make Moms Cash Blog a unique place and I urge you all to do the same things with your blogs. Step outside the box and try something different. In life you will realize (more…)

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