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When a Blog Loses Data

Posted Thursday, August 7, 2008 by momscashblog | 14 Comments so far

I think I should explain some of the problems being solve on this blog…. like what happened with my RSS feed (see Questions About RSS). I know there are a lot of new bloggers and bloggers-to-be visiting MomsCashBlog and I don’t want other bloggers to think that they will have the same problems I have had. Where I’ve mentioned some difficulties with a “transfer”, I think I should explain my situation. I’ve gotten some feedback with people asking if I mean transferring a blog to another server. The answer is NO… My transfer was not having my blog moved from one server to another.. it was a “data transfer” and there is a big difference. The circumstances are rare, I would think, but it could happen so I will explain the situation of my transfer since some of this info could help someone in the future.

I bought MomsCashBlog in early May and in mid June I found out there was another server involved… which meant my blog had to be separated from the other server to be on it’s own. My host said we had to make a transfer in order to set things right. Krysti, the previous owner, and I made a conference call with the host and thought all was settled. Then about a half hour later, 2 months of post disappeared from the blog!! (we were not told that would happen!!) Krysti notified me and said to call the host and that the posts might be missing because of the transaction we had just made, so I called and they said “yes.. the data is being transferred”.


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Question About RSS

Posted Monday, August 4, 2008 by momscashblog | 20 Comments so far

Hey guys, I need some tech help. When they had to transfer a chunk of MomsCashBlog’s data from one server to another in June, things went whacky in my WordPress settings. I knew something was wrong, but couldn’t put my finger on it. Then a few weeks ago I got a message from either RSS or Feedburner that said “You Could Be Toast”… (Whoooaaa!! That’s a little scary!) It prompted me to put all of my site’s info in because it said I was NOT signed up with them. I assumed I fixed everything with the “Toast” message but I just looked at my Incoming Links on the WordPress Dashboard and it says: Error: Could not find an RSS or Atom Feed at that url. Obviously there is still a problem.

The Question: How do I get my RSS or Atom Feed back?

I have a new laptop since I got that “You Could be Toast Message” and I can’t remember where it came from. Is there something I should be doing in WordPress or do I go to another site to sign up for it?

Now it makes sense that it’s the RSS that has been causing me problems. After investigating I found that RSS has to do with trackbacks and links and all kinds of things…. which I didn’t know! I thought RSS only had to do with the feeds we get when we sign up for someone’s RSS. (I told you I was not technical… Live and Learn! lol) When the data was transferred I got some e-mails and a comment about my RSS Feed giving people the whole 2 months worth of data that was transferred from one server to another, but that seemed to fix itself.  I signed up for my own RSS after the complaints and I did notice that there is no date on my posts.

I will reward whomever gives me the correct answer and can help me get my RSS or Atom feed back on track… (or whatever it is I need! lol.. I don’t really know what I need!)  Hope someone can help me! Thanks in advance.


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