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Trouble With Moms Cash Blog

Posted Friday, June 20, 2008 by | 24 Comments so far

Ok,  I’m having trouble with thunderstorms… trouble with my man, trouble with my car, and trouble with my cat.  I lost the post I worked on last night and now I have writer’s block. If that weren’t enough, I found out I have trouble with MomsCashBlog.

A very talented and successful designer/programmer/Director of a very large website — managing thousands of page – has looked into the workings of MomsCashBlog. She uses WordPress for some other sites and told me I’ve inherited trouble with MCB. Things are not where they should be… things are not as they should be. Those things can be fixed with a lot of time and investigative work.  But on another note, she advised me to get in contact with the former owner to make sure I have clear “title” to MCB (as of now it looks like I don’t). 

I’d love to get in touch with the previous owner, but  I don’t have her ”real” e-mail address.. (she used MCB e-mail so essentially I’ve been talking to myself! LOL) All contact stopped abruptly in mid-May before MY end of the bargain was finished. (I had to pay within 72 hours… she had a month to give me the information on MCB and transfer things). I was told she was busy with her new venture. I was patient and trusting… too patient, and waaay too trusting, it seems. I had her cell phone number (since we had to talk somehow to make the deal and get the money to her)… but since Mid-May she hasn’t answered the phone and now it seems to have been disconnected.  Legally, they might have to put a “freeze” on everything to do with MomsCashBlog until we find out more about the title and things get settled correctly.

 So, I guess that’s my post… It’s one I didn’t want to have to make because I didn’t want to go public.  I am frustrated because I have never made a deal with another person without honoring the agreement and I would not stop all contact without at least saying “good-bye!” and making sure everything was done right. 

On a more positive note…

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AMAZON – Multiple money making streams!

Posted Tuesday, April 8, 2008 by momscashblog | 34 Comments so far

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