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Start a Free Online Diary, Journal or Blog… For Fun!

Posted Tuesday, June 7, 2011 by momscashblog | 20 Comments so far

writing in diary under tree 300x225 Start a Free Online Diary, Journal or Blog... For Fun!Writing is a fantastic way to discover things about yourself. It’s amazing how things come out of you as you start to write, that you never knew were there. It’s not just healing, but it’s an amazing form of expression and powerful tool for gathering insight.

Aren’t Journals for Men and Diaries for Women?

Many people, men and women alike, have journaled and written in diaries for hundreds of years…it helps us process all that’s going in our lives, and all that’s going on inside our selves. Many famous scholars, artists, theologians, scientists, inventors, politicians, philanthropists, housewives, and anyone wishing to allow hidden treasures within themselves to be revealed, have journaled through time immemorial. Writing in a diary is not just for women, teenagers and the likes of Anne Frank.

What’s the Difference Between an Online Journal, Blog and Diary?

In essence, they’re all the same in that they’re all on the internet; but in practice, each is as different as the person (or people) contributing to them. There is also some distinction between the three, but keep in mind that the terms are often used interchangeably.


A diary is often more personal, where one focuses on their daily thoughts and daily events, and is updated on a daily or regular basis–thus, it’s often referred to as a daily diary.


A journal is also a diary, in a sense, because it records events and thoughts, but often more sporadically, as opposed to daily. Journals can be created for a specific purpose, such as to document one’s travels or weight loss experiences.


The term originates from the phrase “web log”. A blog encompasses a wide range of purposes, from personal to business. Yet thoughts, news, insights, or general updates are posted regularly, and serve each blog’s own specific niche or purpose.

Setting Your Site’s Preferences


Yes, you can keep a diary online, and make it private. You can also make it so that only people you invite can see it. This setting can easily be changed later, should you ever decide to make it public. And vice versa:  you can make a public blog site private at any time.

You can also have more than one blog:  maybe one for your private thoughts, and one for the public. This is good for when you are journaling in private, and you come up with an interesting or funny thought, and think other people would be amused by it. You know it’s just good to share sometimes–or at least, you know how you feel when you’ve just got to tell someone!

Comment Section

Of course, if you choose to have an online secret diary, you won’t have the public leaving comments. But if your site is public, then you have several options. You can choose to be public, but still not allow comments. You can allow anyone to leave comments, or request that people sign in or register first before they can leave a comment. You can also configure it so that comments are only published after your approval. There are also spam filter plug-ins you can use so your comment section is mostly junk-free.

Journaling Can Be Just For Fun

Many people wishing to start a home business have turned to blogging as an easy way to make money online. Yet you don’t have to start a blog just to make money online. Many people start an online blog in the form of an online journal or diary book just for fun. Maybe starting a business at home is something you’ll consider after you get a site, blog to your heart’s content, and then later decide to make some extra income on the side. You can always add money-making features to your blog at a later date.

Set up is Easy and Quick

You don’t need to be tech savvy or be a professional writer to have an online journal, blog or diary. These days, it is very easy to set up a blog momscashblog.com offers one of the best quick-start online blog tutorials I’ve seen yet. The tutorial here simplifies the process, and isn’t full of a zillion little details that an expert might like to see. If you just want to get a blog up and running quickly, with little hassle, then this tutorial is perfect for you. You can experiment and play with the numerous different ways you can customize a blog later.

Whether you have a goal, or just want to express yourself; or if you would like to focus on a topic, or just follow your stream of consciousness or brainstorm for ideas…keeping a journal or diary online is a great way to have all your writings in one place for safe keeping and easy reference. So get to it ‘write away’ so you can start experiencing the joy of blogging for fun.

*I would like to thank Sera  for submitting a  post and if anyone would like to reach out to Sera for a guest post please get in touch with me at:  jj@momscashblog.com.

Sera Filson is a writer, professional student, health enthusiast, and proud
mother who enjoys reading about body contouring  and being a fan of Sono
Bello on LinkedIn and Sono Bello on Indeed.com. She currently has two blogs:
one is under construction and one is a private diary.

Enkay Blog June 9th, 2011 (12:52 pm)

Really liked the comparison between the blog, diary and journal. When I read that title, I wasn’t sure to be honest what the difference was but thats a great point made by Sera. Good job on the post!

Brenda June 9th, 2011 (3:26 pm)

Good article. I kept a journal for a writing class and amazing things happened. Later I found a book (can’t remember the title) but it told how when you write things down your subconscious mind makes it happen. Believe me, it was true. I happened to write down things I wanted in my life and within months I got them!!! I have slacked off on keeping a journal, but this makes me want to start up again. Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks.

Sera Filson June 9th, 2011 (3:29 pm)

Thanks, Enkay!

Yeah, the terms are kinda fuzzy, since they are used interchangeably so much. But there is some distinction.

Sera Filson June 9th, 2011 (3:58 pm)

Brenda, that’s cool! I’d be interested to hear if anyone else has had that happen, as well.

It makes sense, because you’re inviting and more open to receiving positive when you gel those thoughts in writing.

I know studies show that people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them…you know, more likely than those who don’t write them down.

Marcus Hochstadt June 23rd, 2011 (11:06 am)

Writing down your goals is good. Even better is to get started on reaching them (i.e., doing the first step) within 72 hours.


An Entrepreneur June 27th, 2011 (6:19 am)

hey i am also start my three new blogs and just complete my two posts on all of them. i am daily write a post on all of them and Really i feels good.

jj-momscashblog June 28th, 2011 (4:32 am)

Hey Marcus, Thanks so much for stopping by MCB appreciate it a lot. Goal writing is a very good thing especially if you are one who believe in affirmations,I believe that the more we repeat & keep repeating certain thoughts or whatever we may on our minds, the more we think, write, and talk about good things the more likely they will come to be. If you are one who keep repeating bad and negative feelings, thoughts the more negative our life will be. In my opinion & Louise Hay’s she has written several books on affirmations and you wi !! Thanks again Marcus, Hppe to see you back here again. jj

Bossy Life July 26th, 2011 (4:18 am)

Some of the most famous people said that writing a diary is what saved them and literally launched their careers. Tyler Perry, Oprah and others have spoken so highly of writing down your thoughts and creating pockets and places to keep your dreams and goals alive as you do other things. Great post. Thanks for the reminder.

Theresa Cahill July 29th, 2011 (7:40 pm)

Not so strange that even today explaining the differences or nuances between the various styles of keeping “records” online (diary, journal, blog) need explaining. For many it seems so simple (common place) when the terms are used. However, your explanations are quite clear and hopefully encourage more people to start – whichever style they pick :)

An Entrepreneur August 2nd, 2011 (9:10 am)

Hey after reading your post i start my online dairy on Journal and i think that its a good habit and i also start my own blog “mydailyupdates”. thanks for suggest me.

jj-momscashblog August 6th, 2011 (12:03 am)

Hey Guys I wanted to thank all of you who have stopped by MCB to read and leave a comment. It has been a complicated summer so far which has prevented me from coming online for awhile. I’m going to try my best to catch up with everything and everybody, so please stay with me and I’m convinced that I can get back in the swing of things again. Thank you very much for the comments or for just stopping by MCB. Drop me a line if you have any questions or if you should be interested in writing a guest post for MCB, would love it! jj

charlotte August 17th, 2011 (4:25 am)

I couldnt agree more with the power of possitive thought.
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Dave Lucas September 20th, 2011 (12:13 pm)

FINALLY! Someone who “gets it” and understands what blogging is REALLY all about!

Molik Jain October 3rd, 2011 (9:18 am)

your explanations will help many to distinguish betwaan the things they are puzzled. good!

David October 30th, 2011 (5:18 pm)

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Wholesale November 8th, 2011 (3:55 pm)

I love keeping an Online Journal with thoughts, pictures and especially my rants! Great post…

Gregory April 28th, 2012 (11:14 am)

Thank you, this is very interesting information. I like reading it ))

Cindy January 21st, 2013 (1:53 am)

I love the internet because it opens you up to the whole world and you can make friends from around the world. I have a blog myself. And while its for business I have made close friends from some people who have visited my blog. Only advise I have to add is be honest and be yourself. You would be surprised how many others have the same thoughts, fears, interests and life’s experiences as you. Reach out and live life.

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