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Pepperjam Pays Publishers MORE Money

Posted Tuesday, September 9, 2008 by momscashblog | 29 Comments so far

 Alright folks, Pepperjam (PJN) is having another Pepperjam Incentive Program for the month of September! (That’s 3 months in a row they’ve done this for us so take advantage of this great offer!) Here’s the deal… For the month of September, any NEW publisher/affiliate (that’s a blogger) who signs up with Pepperjam and gets approved, will receive a $10 Sign On- Bonus!  They’ve upped their Referral Payout from $5 to $7 again, but only for the month of September. After you join the network and get approved, you can write a post about the PJN Referral Program and/or anything else about PJN, and you will get another $10 for each post you publish. (So I will get an easy $10 for writing this post just as you will.) You can write up to 5 posts during the month of September, but  you have to notify PJN and show them your post to be approved before publishing. Just read the rules after you click the banner below and sign-on to get your $10.
PJN July Promo

 For those of you just starting out, this is fast money in your account and it will get you going on the right path to making money online! You have to get going and do it now, in September, and you need to have some posts on your blog already so they can take a look at your new blog and make sure it is legitimate. (All ad networks have to do this.) Here’s how simple it is to make some fast cash from this program:
1.  Sign up ($10)
2.  Make a post about PJN ($.10)…  after that all you have to do is
3.  Get ONE referral ($7)
and you will have $27 in your account!!! IT’S THAT EASY…
Now even if you don’t get a referral right away, all you have to do is make another post about Pepperjam Incentive Program… and make another $10! and you will have $30 in your account. (then when you get a referral you’ll have $37!)  It’s a Win-Win situation no matter how you look at it.


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Using Affiliate Ads in Your Posts

Posted Monday, September 1, 2008 by momscashblog | 27 Comments so far

Here’s some good views and advice about using Affiliate ads on your blog from another blogger. Robert Cyr is one of the many good blogger friend’s I have made here on MomsCashBlog so he has written a post about his experience with Affiliate ads and Affiliate Marketing.

Making Money with Affiliate Marketing – Crash Course

I have been an avid follower of MomsCashBlog ever since JJ took over the reigns. My name is Robert Cyr and if you have read some of the comments here my name might be familiar to you. If you have researched blogging I am certain that you have read that blogging is about networking and establishing friendships. I am pleased to let you know that JJ and I have emailed back and forth on several occasions sharing and helping each other out.

Let me give you a little of my background; I started blogging back in March of 2008 with the sole intent of making money. Yeah, I know they say if your goal from the beginning is to make a ton of money chances are you will fail. I am proof positive that what “They Say” is not always true!

I have four blogs, two of which I keep secret as they are my “Bread and Butter” and are very niche specific. When I comment on JJ’s blog I always leave a link to one of my blogs about Wholesale Closeout Merchandise. In addition to my own blogs, I am a freelance contracted writer on several other blog like TopTenWholesale.com

I am going on my seventh month blogging and I am making money. I am making more money than I thought possible…and it grows each month. I have shared one of my last checks from Commission Junction with MomsCashBlog readers….Here it is again.

JJ asked if I would take some time to help her community understand affiliate marketing and I am pleased to share what little information I have learned since I started. Please note that there is tons of information on the Internet showing you how to make money blogging, but I will honestly tell you that there is no “One Guaranteed” way. My success has come from intense reading and trial and error.

I want to share with you a simple concept today that has brought serious dollars my way. In the affiliate world there is jargon to learn. Every industry has terminology which you need to understand. Today I will share a couple of terms:

Landing Page –- A Landing page is simply a page your visitors reach by some means of Internet search. This page is typically where the affiliate marketer would review and talk about a product and hopefully send the visitor on to the site selling a product or service. A Landing page is where you, as a publisher, must convince your visitor that the product or service you are reviewing is worth the purchase.

If you investigate landing page techniques on the Internet you will find that many affiliate marketers spend hundreds of dollars in PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising to get visitors to Landing pages.

Do not be afraid! Here is what I have learned and I have made thousands of dollars without spending one cent on PPC advertising… Are you ready for the big secret?

Every blog post you write is a landing page. Blog posts are indexed almost immediately in Google. I can write a blog post and within hours someone out there has found it by keyword search.

When you write a blog post and fill it with appropriate keywords you will get Organic Traffic.

Organic Traffic -– The best traffic to have to your website or blog because it is FREE. Organic traffic is any traffic that comes to your site without being paid for

Lets make a little formula for earning money through affiliate marketing:

Start a blog + Write blog Posts (Landing Pages with affiliate offers) = Commissions through Organic Traffic

Caution! Make sure that each post you write has value. This is why most successful bloggers will tell you that you must be passionate about the topics you blog about.

For example: If you love cooking, blog about cooking. Write blog articles about preparing meals, buying ingredients and maybe entertaining with food. You can integrate affiliate offers in each blog post such as… A blog post about pan frying steaks might chronicle the advantages of using Rachael Rays non-stick cookware. And then, of course insert your affiliate link to Rachael Rays cookware, where your blog readers can visit and hopefully buy the set of pans you are promoting. Viola! You have just earned a commission!

You cannot monetize a blog without first having a blog. If you have been reading JJ’s blog for sometime thinking about starting your own blog…what are you waiting for? If you want to become an affiliate marketer making money blogging about your passion (Whatever that might be) get started with JJ’s FREE blog tutorial. It will guide you through the process of staring your own blog and hopefully a second income!

Questions about affiliate marketing? Ask me through comments- Let me know if you learned anything through my rambling and maybe I can make a future guest post.

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“We Be Jammin” with Pepperjam

Posted Thursday, August 21, 2008 by momscashblog | 23 Comments so far

I’m sorry I didn’t get this out sooner, but I’ve had some things going on and forgot all about this.


Pepperjam Network has added the month of August to their incentive program, so I wanted to try to get it in while I had a chance. This is a great time for any of you newbies who have been blogging and want to become an affiliate to get a great Affiliate Network on your blog. If you sign up with Pepperjam now, you’ll get a $10 incentive Sign Up Bonus… and they are increasing the referral payout to “new affiliates” from $5. to $7. for each new publisher recruited in August!!  (A new affiliate is someone who is advertising Pepperjam for the first time on their blog)

They are also offering a $10. bonus to anyone who writes a post about it on their blog for the month of August. (just like I’m doing here!) So if you’re a newbie and you’re ready to monetize your blog get in on this incentive deal today. You will find the experience easy and there is always a new advertiser that is joining the Pepperjam family. There will never be a shortage of ads to pick from.

Having an Affiliate Program on your blog will help you start to make money or commissions from these  Affiliate Networks. Apply NOW, because the response time is less than a day in most cases.Click here to sign up…  once you’re  accepted you will receive the $10. incentive bonus and you can write a post on your blog and get another $10.!!! So you’ll get $20. in your account before you even start selling.

When I first saw Pepperjam, I thought it was an odd (but cute) name for an affiliate network! Come to find out, the CEO of Pepperjam and his brother started out by selling a “pepperjam recipe” that was passed down from their grandmother. (Aww.. how sweet.. and tasty, too! lol) While looking for places to market their “jam”, they got into e-commerce and found it to be the best way to advertise the business, and eventually got into helping others advertise thru their network.  So, they started out as an affiliate and have evolved into one of the largest and upcoming internet marketing agencies online. A true “home grown business”! (more…)

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