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Creating an Editorial Calendar: 7 Essential Tips

Posted Monday, September 6, 2010 by momscashblog | 24 Comments so far

Publications such as your blog can also benefit from the use of an editorial calendar, especially when you have multiple authors writing for a site. By regarding your blog as an online magazine, you can enjoy the benefits of editorial planning that traditional publications enjoy. First, your writers will know what content they need to provide and when they need to have it ready to submit. This makes sure that you always have something to post when the time comes. Advertisers also benefit from the ability to purchase advertising to coincide with specific features and articles that are relevant to their products. Furthermore, the stability gained by having the content of your blog planned in advance takes a lot of the worry out of blogging and gives your site a more professional and consistent feel.

Below you will find seven essential tips for creating an editorial calendar for your online publication or blog.

1. Topic selection: An editorial calendar can help you select and schedule the topics that you will publish on your blog. By planning your topics, you can keep your niche targeted and your writers, advertisers, and readers on a routine.

2. Style selection: Some bloggers like to schedule a certain type of post for publication as well as its topic. By scheduling the type of articles you post, you make sure your blog has variety and you broaden its appeal. The editorial calendar helps you create balance: for example, you may want to have a balance between opinion posts, product reviews, and tips and tricks tutorials.

3. Plan unique features: Special features take more time to prepare, so make sure you give your writers enough time on the schedule to get their work done. Special features also may interest more people, so take some time to publicize them well in advance so interested readers and advertisers can get on board.

4. Build in quality: As you implement your editorial calendar, keep quality in mind. You want to allow your writers enough time to brainstorm and to generate well thought out content that visitors will find useful and enjoyable. Your calendar will avoid those embarrassing gaps where nothing new appears on your blog for days or weeks at a time as well as those hastily thrown together pieces that tell your audience that come across as useless filler.

5. Decide the number of posts per week: Most bloggers need to have at least three posts per week to keep their audience and advertisers engaged. You have already decided the content and style of your posts, now put it on your calendar so that you always have a steady stream of content coming out on your blog.

6. Schedule as far in advance as possible: By extending your planning calendar a week or more into the future, you give yourself the wiggle room you need should something go wrong. This can help you avoid the panic that otherwise may result from a writer quitting or going on vacation because you have time to make other arrangements.

7. Manage multiple blogs: When you put an editorial calendar in place, you will experience a new found peace of mind. You, your writers, your advertisers, and your readers will soon operate as a well-oiled machine. With all the new planning skills you have developed, you can expand your horizons and start another publication in the free time you now have. This gives you the chance to increase your online exposure and income without any significant strain on your workload.

An editorial schedule is a tool used by most magazines and newspapers. This technique ensures a high degree of stability for a publication and maximizes the utilization of writers and advertisers while creating a superior experience for readers. You can do the same thing for your blog or online publication. By getting your writers on a schedule, defining what to write, how to write, and when to write it, your blog will take on a more professional and structured feel, something that will increase its appeal to readers and advertisers while freeing up your time to launch new projects. Take these seven tips for creating an editorial calendar and get started on yours today.

James Adams is a full time writer. I would like to thank James for this guest post and if any of you would like to get in touch with him, please send an email and I will get his email off to you.September Creating an Editorial Calendar: 7 Essential Tips

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Should You Send Daily RSS Feeds?

Posted Friday, October 31, 2008 by momscashblog | 24 Comments so far

 Are you one of those bloggers who feels the pressure to write a post every day on your blog and send your RSS feed out with every post? Well, not so fast! You could be turning off your readers by doing this. Many behaviorial studies have been performed on internet usage and they’ve found there is a point where people turn off when they get too much e-mail information from the same source.
Advertisers who sent e-mails LESS often, had MORE of a chance of getting their e-mails opened and possibly responded to. For an advertiser the golden number was one e-mail a month, unless they had a special offer that “really wowed” the customer and enticed them to open the e-mail. In that case, 7 times out of 10 it would get read, but any more than that, and the customers would turn off to the e-mails. Advertisers who use e-mail campaigns find that if they send correspondence to the same people regularly, they quickly turn off to the mail and even find them to be a big nuisance… especially if they’re received on a consistant basis. The campaigns that sent e-mail ads every day, and sometimes more than once a day, got the worst response. These e-mails were sent to the delete box and the recipients thought of them as having little or no credibility. The more e-mails they got from the same source, the more the recipient considered them scams and of course they would not get read!  This is very important information for bloggers because the same could be happening with your RSS subscribers if you overload them with e-mails on a daily basis. You could be thought of as a “pest”! (more…)

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BLOG FLAIR – Make your blog posts PoP!

Posted Tuesday, April 22, 2008 by momscashblog | No comments yet

I know, I am always telling you guys to be “unique” and to try something new with your blogs…but I am serious. I can’t even count the how many people email me everyday asking me for advice on making their blog more successful. They will usually send me a link to go check out their blog and once I get there, I just shake my head because they usually end up having the most plain Jane – boring blogs I have ever seen! I will now yell this from the rooftops, so pay attention…


Okay, so I have come up with the term “blog flair” because that is really what it is – flair for your blog. Here are a few ways to add some flair quickly and easily:

  • Add images, animations or clip art to your blog posts – see an example of one of my old posts here…
  • Start video blogging, people love it and it keeps them entertained – they will come back for more ; )
  • Add videos to your blog posts, go to Youtube and hunt out cool videos to share in your posts!
  • Share photos of yourself or your life somehow – capture their attention and invite them to get to know you as a blogger…people want to feel connected to their “favorite blogs” so this is a good way.
  • Try adding audio clips or podcasts – audio is good!
  • Add a quiz or a contest – This will allow your blog readers to interact with you and invite them to participate in something you have set up.
  • Ask your readers in your blog posts for their feedback in the comments section regarding the subject you covered, this gets you a ton of blog comments – they want to share their opinions, just ask!
  • Try using different fonts, colors and sizes for your blog titles, this will capture their attention and eventually your blog will look very colorful and fun – just don’t over do this or you could scare them away. Color is good, but too much brings a bad vibe.

Try using these different methods of blog flair and notice the difference…your readers will notice the change, respond well and you can thank me later, LOL ; )

Want to see something interesting…just a sample of what you could share!

254087 BLOG FLAIR   Make your blog posts PoP!

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Blogging Time Saver – Take a day off!

Posted Monday, April 14, 2008 by momscashblog | 6 Comments so far

Alright, so I confess. Every now and then I like to take a day off from blogging. Well, you’re probably thinking…when do you do this Krysti? There seems to always be a new blog post here on Moms Cash Blog daily! Yes, but that doesn’t mean that I actually blogged that day! Hmmmm…now I have you thinking huh?!

What I do when I plan on taking a day or few days off…is simply BLOG AHEAD of time. There are a lot of people who don’t realize that the can do this, and it really is very helpful to any blogger. We all need a break sometimes yet we know that if we don’t post a blog post, our readers may disown us…Really.
It is important to keep your blog fresh, interesting and full of good quality frequent posts…so what I do is take a block of time (usually an hour or two…or three) and write or record a few blog posts. Then instead of clicking publish when I am done, I just click save and it gets saved as a draft. So on that day I want to take off, or go on vacation or allow myself the time to be sick in bed on those yucky days…I just access my WordPress admin, go to manage…choose the blog post draft and publish it. Wha-La – I can post a good quality blog post in a blink of an eye and it is awesome! I recommend that if you do not have at least one back up (draft) blog post saved, to do so immediately. Because you never know when you’re going to need a break…and you don’t want to leave your peeps hanging. Just a fun fact from Mom’s goody blog bag. If you need help you can email me at krysti@momscashblog.com anytime…or if you want your blog hosted on WordPress platform or need to create a money making blog like mine here and don’t know how – CLICK HERE for my FREE blog tutorial.

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Can a blog really become a work at home job?

Posted Wednesday, April 2, 2008 by momscashblog | 26 Comments so far

Everyday, I get asked if a blog can really make someone enough money to work from home and earn a full or part time living online. The answer is yes, however it may not come as easy as one might think. There is a lot that goes into blogging, such as motivation, good blog content and a willingness to post new information and content a few times a week. With a blog you are mainly aiming to please. Your blog readers become your income. If you want them to come visit your blog, click on your ads, take your advice and come back fore more…than you had better feed them well. (more…)

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Vlog – Vlogging, Video Blogging – Take 20!

Posted Saturday, March 29, 2008 by momscashblog | 6 Comments so far

So…I went from having a live show to video blogging recently. I am very happy with my decision. However, I must say that as a video blogger you really have to bring out the inner actress or actor in you. The camera light goes on, and you’re up! It can be scary, frustrating, fun and weird all at the same time. LOL, I actually find myself talking to the camera and breaking out in song or laughter sometimes. Why you ask? Well I am not quite sure, the camera has a little magic in it I suppose. So I was going to create a cool video blog post expressing a certain subject for today’s post and well…(crickets chirping) after about 45 long minutes and 20+ outtakes, I decided to call it a day. It was just one of those days when I couldn’t get it right. You bloggers know what I mean, right?! I am talking about those long blog posts you write out and then when it comes time to post, you’re like “nah, that’s not good enough.” It was one of those days. So with all of the hype on video blogging or vlogs I guess the cool kids call them these days – I thought this ridiculous video of me trying to attempt a video blog post and getting caught up in the moment with about 20 or so outtakes would be a good laugh. I almost trick myself into thinking I am some sort of amazing actress, HeHe we all know that I am not! ENJOY – and happy weekend.

Hey while you are here, Digg some of my videos if you found them worthy please.

After all, just look how much time and effort goes into just one of them – Thanks guys!

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Blog comments not working

Posted Friday, March 14, 2008 by momscashblog | No comments yet

See what happens when I change my blog design, I mess everything up ; ) The comments have not been working on here so I am getting down and dirty with some code today. I am working on the blog in whole today to work out some glitches that remain. I should be called a blog construction worker these days LOL…and I have loads of posts to update here for you. I know, you’re starving for money making help. I am on the way – come back soon!

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