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Creating an Editorial Calendar: 7 Essential Tips

Posted Monday, September 6, 2010 by momscashblog | 24 Comments so far

Publications such as your blog can also benefit from the use of an editorial calendar, especially when you have multiple authors writing for a site. By regarding your blog as an online magazine, you can enjoy the benefits of editorial planning that traditional publications enjoy. First, your writers will know what content they need to provide and when they need to have it ready to submit. This makes sure that you always have something to post when the time comes. Advertisers also benefit from the ability to purchase advertising to coincide with specific features and articles that are relevant to their products. Furthermore, the stability gained by having the content of your blog planned in advance takes a lot of the worry out of blogging and gives your site a more professional and consistent feel.

Below you will find seven essential tips for creating an editorial calendar for your online publication or blog.

1. Topic selection: An editorial calendar can help you select and schedule the topics that you will publish on your blog. By planning your topics, you can keep your niche targeted and your writers, advertisers, and readers on a routine.

2. Style selection: Some bloggers like to schedule a certain type of post for publication as well as its topic. By scheduling the type of articles you post, you make sure your blog has variety and you broaden its appeal. The editorial calendar helps you create balance: for example, you may want to have a balance between opinion posts, product reviews, and tips and tricks tutorials.

3. Plan unique features: Special features take more time to prepare, so make sure you give your writers enough time on the schedule to get their work done. Special features also may interest more people, so take some time to publicize them well in advance so interested readers and advertisers can get on board.

4. Build in quality: As you implement your editorial calendar, keep quality in mind. You want to allow your writers enough time to brainstorm and to generate well thought out content that visitors will find useful and enjoyable. Your calendar will avoid those embarrassing gaps where nothing new appears on your blog for days or weeks at a time as well as those hastily thrown together pieces that tell your audience that come across as useless filler.

5. Decide the number of posts per week: Most bloggers need to have at least three posts per week to keep their audience and advertisers engaged. You have already decided the content and style of your posts, now put it on your calendar so that you always have a steady stream of content coming out on your blog.

6. Schedule as far in advance as possible: By extending your planning calendar a week or more into the future, you give yourself the wiggle room you need should something go wrong. This can help you avoid the panic that otherwise may result from a writer quitting or going on vacation because you have time to make other arrangements.

7. Manage multiple blogs: When you put an editorial calendar in place, you will experience a new found peace of mind. You, your writers, your advertisers, and your readers will soon operate as a well-oiled machine. With all the new planning skills you have developed, you can expand your horizons and start another publication in the free time you now have. This gives you the chance to increase your online exposure and income without any significant strain on your workload.

An editorial schedule is a tool used by most magazines and newspapers. This technique ensures a high degree of stability for a publication and maximizes the utilization of writers and advertisers while creating a superior experience for readers. You can do the same thing for your blog or online publication. By getting your writers on a schedule, defining what to write, how to write, and when to write it, your blog will take on a more professional and structured feel, something that will increase its appeal to readers and advertisers while freeing up your time to launch new projects. Take these seven tips for creating an editorial calendar and get started on yours today.

James Adams is a full time writer. I would like to thank James for this guest post and if any of you would like to get in touch with him, please send an email and I will get his email off to you.September Creating an Editorial Calendar: 7 Essential Tips

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Make More Money With Multiple Blogs

Posted Wednesday, November 19, 2008 by momscashblog | 41 Comments so far

By now, most of us have heard that the best way to make money blogging is by having more than one blog. With multiple blogs you can diversifying your niches just as you would with mutual funds in the stock market. A good mutual fund invests in several different types of stock with several different companies. The money adds up and because all of your eggs are not in one basket, mutual funds are safer than investing in just one stock. The same principal applies to blogs but with blogs you don’t necessarily diversify for the safety of the investment because a blog doesn’t cost much to run. With blogs, you diversify to make MORE money. The average web hosting for a blog is around $7 a month and with most hosting companies you can also get unlimited add-ons for that price, so why not have more than one blog? All you have to pay for is a new domain name but if you don’t want to buy a name, you could even start some more blogs using a free hosted site such as WordPress.com or Blogger.com and use those blogs to drive traffic to your main site by linking them in your posts, or sidebar. (WordPress.com and Blogger.com provide free hosting but you do not own your domain name and there will be restrictions on ad usage.) By having multiple blogs in different niches (categories) and getting streams of income from all of them, you could make a very hefty yearly income right from your own home.
I have recently started two other blogs besides MomsCashBlog and later I hope to start more. I plan to keep them separate from MCB and I even have a friend who is interested in blogging and is working with me to learn about blogging. (and it’s great to have someone to dish with about blogging! lol). MCB makes pretty good money but I want to branch out and make MORE money and learn all I can about how to make money online. I can then pass what I’ve learned onto everyone who comes here. I am enjoying the process and the creativity it takes for each one of them. What I really like is that I can use all of the different aspects of my personality on my different blogs. With this blog, I’m pretty much boxed into a tight niche where I am teaching what I’ve learned about making money online so it’s not really appropriate for me to just talk about myself or certain things that interest me.. on the other ones I can say whatever I want and there’s freedom in that. (more…)

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Blogs Help People Escape Reality

Posted Wednesday, October 15, 2008 by momscashblog | 19 Comments so far

I’ve been helping out in the presidential campaign so I’ve been quite busy this month and will be until this is over. I belong to the League of Women Voters, and also the Democratic Party, but I go either way in any election… I vote for whoever I like and think is qualified for the job, just as the League does. (It just happens to be that more often than not, the Democratic Party is more inline with my point of view than the Republicans are as a whole, so I stick with the Dems.)  While getting back together with a group of people that I haven’t seen in a few years, I ended up telling them I’m “running a blog”. Interestingly enough, everyone had something to say about blogs… but no one knew that blogs make money!
To most of us who are here to make money online, this is hard to believe anyone wouldn’t know that blogs can make good money. I don’t know about you, but since I got this blog all I seem to read is “how to make money with blogs” so with my narrow vision, I would never imagine that others didn’t know BLOGS MAKE MONEY! Do they think we do this for FREE? (lol) Well, yes, come to find out, they do think we are all blogging for the fun of it and the mainstream of “Main Street” doesn’t have any clue that we’re making money from the blogs they read. (That’s a good thing.. let them think what they want. lol)
Now the Political Community has been taking polls all along with this presidental campaign and I know the big issue on everyone’s mind has changed from Iraq to Health Care, to Oil Prices, to The Ecomony becoming the top worry of all, at this point. Personally, my most important issue is still Health Care since I’m caught between a rock and a hard place with insurance. It’s kind of like this… people who have a low FICO credit score can’t get credit, I have a low health score, so I’m on an “emergency plan”! I have too much money (or assets) to qualify for any type of government health program so one more BIG operation and I could lose my house and everything else I’ve saved for. (So, even though the polls change, I still consider Health Care to be my top issue along with The Economy no matter what the polls say.) (more…)

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