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Fear Driving the Stock Market

Posted Friday, October 10, 2008 by momscashblog | 14 Comments so far

We’ve seen a lot of loss in the U.S. stock market this week with the Dow going down below 9000 for the first time in 5 years. Our bad economy is having a global effect hitting the Asian markets, the European market, and all others too, I’m sure.  Despite the crisis with financial institutions and it’s effect on housing and mortgages, The Wall Street Journal and others in the know agree… it is lack of confidence that is driving this poor economy. Yes, we had problems, and we put a safety device in place but it caused a lack of confidence in people and now fear is causing more problems than we started with. t’s like when someone screams fire in a crowded building and everyone panics. They all run for the exits and people get trampled and hurt, even when it’s a false alarm.
We’re being told that we should not panic even after this “black week” of seeing the Dow go down below 9000 for the first time in 5 years. It’s hard not to panic, yet we really have no other choice but to be calm. When you’re in panic mode, someone telling you “don’t panic” just doesn’t always seem to sink in. If you think of this as the same advice they give in any emergency situation, then it makes sense. Fear and panic puts you (and everyone else around you) in harm’s way.
Recessions Can Make Millionaires!
It’s recessions (or crashes) like these that can make millionaires out of investors. If you keep a steady head and refuse to panic you can make money but you have to think long term. Warren Buffet makes his money solely from the stock market and is he letting fear dictate him in this market? No way! Warren just surpassed Bill Gates as being the richest man in the world by making over $8 billion in this past month (earnings from the end of August to October 1.) As Warren has said many times before, all we have to do is think smart and use this and every recession as an opportunity to buy low and sell high just as we are supposed to do.  He puts his money where his mouth is and he buys low (but of course low to Warren Buffett can be considered very high to the rest of us! lol) and when he does sell, he sells high. Warren invests for the long term and he doesn’t panic and pull all of his money out of the stock market while it’s down… and neither should we.
Are You Buying HIGH and Selling LOW in the Stock Market?
We all know the first rule to the stock market is to “Buy low, sell high” but historically that’s not what the average individual investor does. Most of us don’t usually make much money in the stock market because we do the EXACT opposite. Individual investors tend to only buy when times are good and they hear how well the stock market is doing in the news. As a result, they make a few bucks here, and a few bucks there but the minute the market goes down, most individual investors actually SELL their stock and get out… so not only do they not make any money in the stock market, they lose money. Then they go back and do the same thing again when times are good and the market goes up. (and it ALWAYS goes up!)

Many people stop putting money into their 401K plans, IRAs, and mutual funds when they hear things are bad in the market. When you do this, you miss out on a great opportunity to be buying stock at a low price which is the whole point of investing. If you keep putting your money into your fund regularly, you’re buying shares in the fund at a low price and that is GOOD! (You’re buying low and you’ll sell high later on!) The worst thing someone can do is to close their 401 or retirement plan just because the market has crashed. Not only do you lock in your losses, you also have to pay the capital gains taxes on those losses, and a 10% penalty on top of that! Wow, talk about a loss…

Don’t act out of fear!

So don’t act out of fear! Keep a level head and know your options.  If all of this talk about the stock market really bothers you, then just don’t look at your statements for a while. I know it sounds crazy, but that’s what the experts advise and hey, we really don’t have many other options, do we? If you’re already in the stock market you have to ride it out, and look for opportunities to buy some good stock if you have the money right now because there are deals to be had (and there will be more!). The only other alternative is to take a loss. It’s your money and your choice, but don’t let fear rule your actions.

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Make Money Selling Used and New Books

Posted Monday, September 15, 2008 by momscashblog | 23 Comments so far

books Make Money Selling Used and New BooksSelling our used  books is a great way to recycle and help the environment as well as declutter our homes… but selling used books usually doesn’t bring enough money to make it worth the effort. Traditional used bookstores only offer around 50 cents or less per book and with eBay, you have to sign up and create an account and then enter the auction and all that jazz. It’s a waiting game and it doesn’t usually pay off, because no one wants to pay those shipping fees. Well, I found a wonderful website, CKYbooks.com, that pays a good price for used and new books. It’s easy to use, you get an instant quote (offer), shipping is FREE,  you get paid within 24-48 hours… and if you get a better offer, they will “match” it!

 CKYbooks.com has a database of book ISBN’s and an evaluation of each book’s worth, so you’ll get an instant offer for any book they want to buy.  The offers are based upon a book’s estimated resell value and the book’s popularity. The lowest offer they make is a guaranteed $1.00…. The highest offer they have given out is $100 for one book! (Wow!)
This site is so easy to use and answers all of your questions. Just type in the 10 digit ISBN number  or the 13 digit number at the bottom of the bar code that begins with 978. You immediately receive an offer (price they will pay for your book), accept or reject that offer and  proceed to the checkout or enter more books and watch your money rack up. (more…)

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Make Money with your Blog using WordPress.org

Posted Monday, June 9, 2008 by momscashblog | 24 Comments so far

For some new bloggers and blogger’s to be, the issue about WordPress.com and WordPress.org can be quite confusing. Many people have started a blog using WordPress only to find they cannot monetize their blogs with ads because they are using WordPress.com and not WordPress.org. I’ve gotten some e-mails from a few bloggers who used MCB’s tutorial and went to WordPress.com for help and received the wrong information. Luckily I knew what the problem was because I did the same thing when I first started. So I’ll explain the two versions as best I can.

WordPress is an open source blogging software that is used by most blogs and a lot of websites on the   internet. Open source means the software is “open” or free to anyone who wants to use it to run a blog or website. It’s a blogging software that is easy to use because it takes care of the HTML coding for you. However, if you’re into coding, that’s even better because you can use coding as little or as much as you like. There are two versions of WordPress (three, if you count the MultiUser version but that’s used by the larger websites who host blogs under them). The software works pretty much the same in both versions, but there are some differences in how you use your blog.

WordPress.com  is “hosted by WordPress” and it is completely free. You do not need to find hosting.  If you sign up with WordPress.com you will be in a WordPress Blog Community under the umbrella of WordPress.com. This is mainly used by serious “web loggers” and you can make your blog private to only your friends and family if you wish. (more…)

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Blog comments not working

Posted Friday, March 14, 2008 by momscashblog | No comments yet

See what happens when I change my blog design, I mess everything up ; ) The comments have not been working on here so I am getting down and dirty with some code today. I am working on the blog in whole today to work out some glitches that remain. I should be called a blog construction worker these days LOL…and I have loads of posts to update here for you. I know, you’re starving for money making help. I am on the way – come back soon!

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