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Make Money With Your Music

Posted Wednesday, December 8, 2010 by momscashblog | 23 Comments so far

Music and the Internet:

Music and the internet has certainly come a long way and it has made “some” musicians very rich and famous.  An unknown kid from Canada named Justin Bieber downloads videos of himself singing on YouTube  and the kid becomes an overnight success.  A band called Atomic Tom  riding on the NYC subway are discovered while singing on the B-Train using   iPhones with apps sounding like drums, guitars, and piano,  they go viral and are  being  interviewed on all the morning network shows. They’re  said to be in talks with Apple and at present time their YouTube videos have over 2 million hits.

There are numerous ways for musicians to make money on the internet,  without spending all of  ones  life savings.   With YouTube and many other on demand sites that are out there and new ones popping up, that’s what the musician can look forward to.  Maybe it’s our 15 minutes of fame or it’s money that will be coming in from a talent of ours… who knows?  I do, because I have listened to Ezekiel Haynes jazz cd “Reflections”.

Meet The Musician:

I know many of you have probably already heard of and follow the blogger Ezekiel, and now jazz musician and entrepreneur.  I had asked Ezekiel if he would mind being part of a post informing everyone how he is “making money on the Internet with his music”? With the help of Ezekiel we will give some sites and software that he used to get to where he is now, selling two cd’s world wide on the internet.

Ezekiel’s love for music started at a very young age and was cognizant of playing endlessly at the piano for hours. “Piano, it’s the thing I express through,  it’s always running through my head.” “I never got the opportunity to take lessons but, every time I  would get in front of a piano I wanted to create. The same with pots and pans or a couple of rubber bands on a box… I wanted to create. Practicing music has never been a chore, it’s always been something I looked forward to doing.”

Nuendo Helps Get Music Recorded:

Ezekiel reveals that he has been using Nuendo for the past 10 years, so he had a good amount of music to work with. Nuendo is a sound mixing, audio production, recording arrangements, editing and surround mixing software.

I had asked Ezekiel what made him want to publish/record his music after 10 years of work.  He had an interesting answer to this question.   “Creating music is easy for me” he says, “but worrying about how everyone will receive it, is another thing. The thing that woke me up a bit was the thought of passing away and my kids or grand kids going through my things, seeing what their dad or grand dad selfishly kept hid. I believe directly or indirectly everything we do in life,  good or bad affects everyone in someway. So, I decided from that day to start releasing every musical idea I had.”

Musicians Online Community:

Indabamusic … indaba comes from the Zulu word meaning to “gather or share ideas”. This was one site that Ezekiel recommended for the independent musician.   Indabamusic was started with a community atmosphere in mind, a musical community of artists helping each other and to make their lives easier in all ways of the musicians life. If you need help with understanding or knowing which direction to take your next step, you need people who are in and have been in the business to guide you on the right path. You get a chance to collaborate with musicians from all around the world.  This quote from Wired best sums up what Indabamusic and the Internet has done  for the world of musicians: “With broadband, social networking apps and web-based audio tools increasingly available and affordable to most people with computers, the world of music is on the verge of big change. That perfect-storm combination of these tools will do for music creation what technology has already done for music consumption: remove barriers of time, space and scarcity”. Indabamusic.com has some real heavy hitter musicians working and donating their time to the cause of helping other musicians. Check this site out!!

Distribution of Your Music:

Tunecore ….. is one of the best places to get your music out to the various digital retail sites. In fact Tunecore has a worldwide distribution site. Ezekiel mentioned that Tunecore.com also offers an affiliate program through CommissionJunction. Tunecore plays an important part in an artists career and in their quest to get their music noticed, as Tunecore gets the music distributed to many of the major companies as in Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, and iTunes. The artist, you the musician receives “100% of your royalties and of course keep all of your rights”.  Tunecore has recently widened their distribution to full length films, TV shows, live concerts and documentaries.  A Holiday CD made by your whole family? Tunecore will get that song out to all of the  digital retailers, you in turn get paid when your music is downloaded or sells.

cdBaby…. is another place to get your music distributed to digital retailers such as:  Rhapsody, iTunes, Amazon MP3 and the usual big hitters.   They are an online distributor for the independent musician. cdBaby gives the definition  of ” [in - de - pen - dent ] (adj.) not having sold ones life, career, and creative work over to a corporation.” cdBaby will sell music that is sent to them, and will help you sell downloads from their sites. This company is run by musicians for musicians. When you send your cd to their “warehouse” each & every piece of music is listened to, in turn cdBaby distributes the musicians music directly to download retailers.  This site is another thumbs up from Ezekiel. (more…)

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AMAZON – Multiple money making streams!

Posted Tuesday, April 8, 2008 by momscashblog | 34 Comments so far

Amazon…is it still a bit undiscovered. I say yes to that question…I don’t think many people realize that Amazon is a big hidden secret waiting to make you money online. I started selling stuff on Amazon, about two years ago. Well, I guess I first started out as a book buyer and one day I was wondering how I could sell a few of my own used book on Amazon myself. I read through Amazon’s F.A.Q section and finally came a cross a link that stated “sell your stuff” – I clicked it! That was one of the best click troughs I have ever had. It has lead me to a great online income selling my stuff full time on Amazon.com – Not just books either – CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED SELLING FOR FREE!

It is free to sell books, goods and products on www.Amazon.com and you get paid daily if you want…no thresholds to reach. I like to cash out daily myself, it is a like a daily paycheck and I love paying myself. I urge you to give Amazon a chance, after all it is free and you have nothing to lose…just money to gain. I know that ALL of you have at LEAST one used book lying around in your house, garage, attic or somewhere that you can start off with. (more…)

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