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Are You Ignoring the Value of Keywords?

Posted Monday, January 11, 2010 by momscashblog | 38 Comments so far

The following article is a guest post by Source Blogger. At Moms Cash Blog, we are always looking for a diverse mix of guest authors to provide their own perspectives to our audience. As Moms Cash Blog evolves, we think it is essential to give you this type of outside exposure. What do you think?

As a blogger, I must say that I was very impressed with the Source Blogger blog. It is intelligent, relevant, with very informative articles that everyone will find useful.

With that being said, let’s get right into: Are You Ignoring the Value of Keywords? Many thanks SourceBlogger for this guest post…jj

In internet marketing, the term of “keywords” is a collection of words that related to particular topics which are mostly used by internet users in searching products or services. Your products or services.

Doing a keyword research for internet marketing involve various aspects, such as finding sales oriented keywords which could driving maximum targeted users to increase online sales. Your online sales. Doing a keyword research is the first step towards a successful search engine optimization campaign. You have to be very careful when selecting keywords, as it can be very tricky to select targeted keywords for a website.

In selecting the best of keywords should always be based on various aspects such as product names, services, brands, or general terms. When doing keyword research, it’s highly recommended to do a very thorough market research analysis to find the best keywords used by search engines to find products and services online – and find out what keywords are targeted by competitors who are doing well in marketing on the internet. (This typically will be other blogs in your specific niche/category.)

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Traffic is good

Posted Friday, February 29, 2008 by momscashblog | No comments yet

Okay guys, I bet you’re thinking that I am never going to get it together. If it’s not one thing…BOOM another thing pops up. I had just redesigned the blog here, and went on vacation the next day thinking “great I am leaving to a fresh start again” and while on vacation I stopped at an interesting little internet cafe to post and much to my suprise : ( my bandwidth had been exceeded and my blog was not accessible. Okay, not a biggie just too much traffic, that’s good news: ) Only problem was that I went on this vacation promising NOT to work…no computers, no internet access. LOL, yeah that lasted 2 days and that is what led me to the little cafe I made my way to. I had to wait until I got home to resolve these issues, there were a few other tweaks that needed to be done to the blog as well. We all know about those pests, the little lines of code that you spend hours trying to find. I had a few of them, so there went 2 days LOL! Seriously though, we are all good. I am not exceeding anything but blogging power now. This is my new theme, I put together and will be adding to this week.  am also going to do what a blogger does and blog! I have added a cool little video section on the right sidebar, where I will feature cool videos I choose to share. They will all be helpful in making you money. I am still adding a few people to the wall of fame, so be patient, I am getting you there asap! If you want to be added, drop me a line ; ) Now, I must go blog…I will be hosting my show on Monday : ) This weekend I will post a time! Thanks all…

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