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Play the Stock Market for Fun

Posted Monday, August 18, 2008 by momscashblog | 6 Comments so far

As I said in my last post, if you’re just starting to get into the stock market “pretending to play the stock market online” is a great way to learn more about it. Some people think the stock market is just for wealthy people so they don’t even bother getting into “the game” or even trying it. If you have ever thought that way, then you should change your thinking to this: The stock market isn’t just for wealthy people… the stock market is HOW most wealthy people became wealthy in the first place! Even if you don’t have the money to start investing in stock you should go online and get familiar with the trading process (buying and selling). It’s a fun learning experience and by making a game of trading and being in the environment, you’ll definitely want to get into it for real.

Investing in stock and mutual funds is one of the quickest ways to get rich, but most people just think about it and say “some day I’ll invest” and they never end up really doing it. So, like I said, by making a fun game out of it, you learn and you’ll be one step closer to doing it for real. One thing to remember is not to get stressed while practicing… this is supposed to be fun! lol I know when I first started “playing” the stock market online, I started getting stressed when I had a good “find”… I worried that if I didn’t buy it right then and there I would miss out on the BIG ONE. But believe me when I say this… there will be ALWAYS be plenty of opportunities for you to find good deals whenever you play the stock market. (but if you do have the money now, then go for it!)

One commenter, Mark Berger, gave us a great site to use for this purpose. It’s  called the WallStreetSurvivor.com. I signed up for it, but haven’t gone any further yet as I’m busy with other things right now, but I will definitely go and try it out when I get the chance. They let you play with $50,000 and it looks like you can win money by playing the game, if you sign up before August 29th! (more…)

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Testing on MomsCashBlog

Posted Monday, August 11, 2008 by momscashblog | 11 Comments so far

This is just a test to get another post out onto the internet to see how well I’m being indexed and how my RSS subscriber feed is working after  my blogs RSS or Atom Feed became disconnected or disabled from the transfer… (see Question About RSS and the comments.) Of course, there is still some work to be done to set things right from the “transfer or loss of content” to figure out exactly what ALL of my problems are, but I know we’ll get there with LLoyd Lopez’s help.

I slacked off this weekend because I needed to get away from blogging and the stress of not being indexed for so long…. Oh yeah, and from Feedburner telling me I could be toast! lol Since we had yet another party (Pig Roast) in my area, I decided to take off a couple of days and forget all about Feedburner, search engines, stats, toast and all those things that go with blogs. Alright it’s the second weekend I’ve done this, so I bet I sound like a wild and crazy party girl.. (lol) Hey, summer comes but once a year, and where I am currently in the NorthEast, they celebrate summer with great outdoor parties that are well deserved after those cold and snowy winters. It’s the perfect stress reliever with wonderful live music, great food and drink… wonderfully humerous people, and the warmth and smell of cozy fires burning when night falls. I must say, it has been a relief to get away from it all… (although I did go to my house a few times to feed the cat and go online and make a few comments. lol)  Now that the fun is over, I have some serious work to do to get my blog back in good running order with Lloyd’s help. (He has sent me my homework assignment, so I better get working on it! lol) (more…)

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How to Write Ads That Sell — Part II

Posted Friday, July 18, 2008 by momscashblog | 27 Comments so far

The following guidelines will help you write good ad copy if you’re using your blog to make money by selling a product or service. If you need to know more about ad writing, there’s many books with more details (Also read Part I in my last post). Here’s a couple of books on advertising that are rated very well: The Online Advertising Playbook and Tested Advertising Methods.

Ad headlines are different from blog post titles, so don’t use this advice for post titles. Headlines can be 2 or 3 lines long and they should be intriguing. On the other hand, blog post titles should be short and to the point if you want them to be searchable. You don’t have to worry about anyone searching for the headline of your ad. They’ll be searching for your product or service.

Ask a Question Headline: Ask a question in your headline to compel your reader to continue reading the ad. Some good question headline starters are: Why should you… What would you do if…. When should you… Would you… Should you… Could you… Did you know… and What if… An example would be: What would you do if your blog traffic doubled overnight and tripled within a week’s time?  (more…)

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Weekend Website!

Posted Saturday, May 24, 2008 by momscashblog | 16 Comments so far

You’ve got 3 days off, so why don’t you put up your website NOW.  Just use MomsCashBlog’s Free Blog Tutorial and you can have your own website up and ready to go before the weekend is done. It won’t even use up the whole weekend because some say the tutorial takes less than an hour!! (not counting the waiting period for set up….which is ” break time”.) You can do it yourself with the easy step-by-step instructions.

Take a look at the  Blog Tutorial and make some decisions of about what you want to name your website. You can even play around and put some names in at Step One to make up names and see if YOUR web domain name is available.  There are a lot of websites out there so the availability of good names is getting scarce. It’s a good idea to register your domain name NOW! If you don’t have time to finish the whole tutorial in one sitting, you should at least choose your domain name and buy it before someone else gets to it first. Later, when you have more time, you can come back to the tutorial and continue with Step Two and then on to Step Three…and BAM!!…you’ve got your own website registered on the internet! Easy as One, Two, Three!

But the tutorial doesn’t stop there! Steps Four and Five  get you going on WordPress, the most widely used blogging/website program on the internet. The Blog Tutorial continues to instruct you on how to set your site up, choose a theme (the look and design), post article, and make space for your ads and widgets!

Remember, with this tutorial you don’t have to do it all at once. You can start the process today and come back to it whenever you choose. Use the whole weekend to leisurely set up your site….take a day, take just half a day, or you can even do it in an hour, if you’re fast  on the keyboard.

Fast or Slow…Do it at Your own pace! And once you have your own blog or website, that’s when the fun begins. Come back to MomsCashBlog and you can even make some extra cash by placing ads on your website! Take a look at the Free Tutorial and see just how easy it is to put up a website!

Happy Memorial Day……Support our Troops!!!



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Moms Cash Blog – SOLD!

Posted Monday, April 28, 2008 by momscashblog | 2 Comments so far

sold sign

On Friday I broke the news that I would be selling Moms Cash Blog – I gave 72 hours for people to email me offers and I received over 100 responses which was flattering. However, I had to choose just the right person…

I successfully sold the blog…and the bidding is now closed. Thank you to everyone who inquired and placed a bid. I am sorry I did not get around to emailing everyone back on their offers, due to the short time and high response. I feel I have chosen a great candidate to take over the blog and re-invent it for themselves.

Stay tuned…later today I will post my farewell video (final blog post) and I will introduce you to the new owner and her plans for the blog!


P.S – In a few hours you will no longer be able to contact me via email as I will be changing the email address for the new blog owner. Please email me if you need anything prior to me making that switch. Thank you all…Best Wishes!

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BLOG FLAIR – Make your blog posts PoP!

Posted Tuesday, April 22, 2008 by momscashblog | No comments yet

I know, I am always telling you guys to be “unique” and to try something new with your blogs…but I am serious. I can’t even count the how many people email me everyday asking me for advice on making their blog more successful. They will usually send me a link to go check out their blog and once I get there, I just shake my head because they usually end up having the most plain Jane – boring blogs I have ever seen! I will now yell this from the rooftops, so pay attention…


Okay, so I have come up with the term “blog flair” because that is really what it is – flair for your blog. Here are a few ways to add some flair quickly and easily:

  • Add images, animations or clip art to your blog posts – see an example of one of my old posts here…
  • Start video blogging, people love it and it keeps them entertained – they will come back for more ; )
  • Add videos to your blog posts, go to Youtube and hunt out cool videos to share in your posts!
  • Share photos of yourself or your life somehow – capture their attention and invite them to get to know you as a blogger…people want to feel connected to their “favorite blogs” so this is a good way.
  • Try adding audio clips or podcasts – audio is good!
  • Add a quiz or a contest – This will allow your blog readers to interact with you and invite them to participate in something you have set up.
  • Ask your readers in your blog posts for their feedback in the comments section regarding the subject you covered, this gets you a ton of blog comments – they want to share their opinions, just ask!
  • Try using different fonts, colors and sizes for your blog titles, this will capture their attention and eventually your blog will look very colorful and fun – just don’t over do this or you could scare them away. Color is good, but too much brings a bad vibe.

Try using these different methods of blog flair and notice the difference…your readers will notice the change, respond well and you can thank me later, LOL ; )

Want to see something interesting…just a sample of what you could share!

254087 BLOG FLAIR   Make your blog posts PoP!

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Black Sheep Bloggers – Be Unique

Posted Sunday, March 16, 2008 by momscashblog | 9 Comments so far

Today I wanted to talk about blogs and how to make them unique and interesting. I think a lot of people are very mainstream when it comes to blogging. It seems like people are afraid to use colors, sounds, video, and the list goes on. I don’t know about you guys, but I love when I come across a blog that offers something different or fun! I try to make Moms Cash Blog a unique place and I urge you all to do the same things with your blogs. Step outside the box and try something different. In life you will realize (more…)

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