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Borrow an “Emotional Motivator” and put it on YOUR blog!

Posted Friday, May 30, 2008 by momscashblog | 4 Comments so far

In my last post I talked about emotional motivators and gave a list of the ones most commonly used in marketing. Now I will let you know how I’ve used motivators on MomsCashBlog, and how well they worked for me. I’ve only been here a month, but I’ve already seen great results from using them a few times.

The emotional motivator that I chose to use was saving. I know, I know… on the list, saving is pretty boring compared to power, money, romance, sex*, and the desire to belong, but since this is a make money blog, “saving” is to be expected. Saving is part of the making money process. This month on MCB, the “Discount Codes” post was the one that brought in the most new traffic to my site and they pushed buttons and used my ads. The second most profitable post was “Free to All”. After that was the “Wii Coupon”. So, as you can see, the three top posts that brought new traffic in and made money were all about “saving.”

Of course “saving” is not an emotion, but neither is power, money, romance, or sex, etc. They are motivators which means they speak to us emotionally and can make us take action.  Just saying the word “saving” might not conjur up an emotion in another person, but using the concept of saving either directly,  or indirectly, can attract people to your blog. Think of the law of attraction… only you are purposely attracting people with certain words that hit their emotions.

Retailers use “saving” motivators all the time to get people to buy, or to attract new customers. Everyone likes to get a deal, and no one wants to pay top dollar for something when they don’t have to. But in retail you take a loss when you do this because that savings comes from your own pocket!! You have to give a discount, or give something away (and YOU pay for it) just to attract new business and bring people in with retail. But it works.

Borrow a Motivator

In my top money making posts, I provided discounts (savings) but I didn’t have to take a loss in doing so. Nor did I have a product to discount. I found other sites that had the “saving”, formed a post around it, and gave out information about discounts that someone else had… and I reaped the rewards. I didn’t take anything from those who have the discounts (saving). In fact, I helped them get the word out to people who did not know about that site. It’s a win-win-situation. (more…)

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Free To All

Posted Tuesday, May 13, 2008 by momscashblog | 8 Comments so far

 Never underestimate the power of FREE! I partnered a successful retail business so I know what that  one 4- letter word that starts with “F” can do. Using the word “free” can bring people out of the woodwork…and that’s what blogging’s about isn’t is?  We all want new blog traffic, because let’s face it, they are the ones who will potentially use your services, buy your goods, push those buttons…whatever it is you want from them.

  I bought MCB knowing how valuable the Free Blog Tutorial would be to the newbies in the blogging world. I have new people coming, using the tutorial, and loving it, and they are using the other resources that MomsCashBlog has to offer too.


 Some day I will try just posting a big headline “Free Blog Tutorial” with a link and nothing else, since that’s essentially how I’m getting new peeps to my site. I’m going to give that a try and watch my traffic…and mostly my accounts, to see what happens. Should be an interesting experiment in blogging for me.

 The New MomsCashBlog is for people who want a blog and want to make money with it, but don’t know where to start…so that’s why the Free Blog Tutorial is so valuable to me. The new traffic YOU want might be different from mine, so tailor your “free thing” to whatever your own niche is. I’m sure you have some information that people would pay for. Of course, just using the word FREE won’t make viewers stay long enough to matter. That “free thing” you give them must have some value or it could backfire and aggravate your customer or viewer. Just as happens in retail, if you give it away free and it’s good, they will take it, and they might even want everything else you have to offer!!

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