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Market Your Blog & Get Traffic

Posted Saturday, January 15, 2011 by momscashblog | 31 Comments so far

traffic pic 300x239  Market Your Blog & Get Traffic  Christmas and the holidays have come and gone. The New Year  is already 16 days into January, and some resolutions have probably already been broken. Committing to resolutions can be difficult for some of us, and so easy to break.  Setting goals for yourself and your businesses, can help you feel that you have time to accomplish these things without the feeling of failure.

One of the goals I think every blogger is always trying to achieve, whether it’s the New Year or the middle of the year  is driving more traffic to  ones blog.  Traffic equals money.  Below is a assortment of only a ” few ways” to bring traffic to your blog. When speaking of bringing traffic to your blog there are so many variables that can be attributed to bringing traffic, that  if you tried to list all of them it could take up much of the page.

1. Expose your blog  by  using  the Social Networks  like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube  or any forums that you can participate in and expose the name of your blog. Social Networks are more important than ever before, you must be signed up with at least a couple of the good ones.   Exposure!

2. Market your name or the name of your blog, leave the name of your blog any place that you are able to. Some places won’t allow you to attach the name of your blog, but whenever possible do it. If you read the big newspapers online  New York Times, Gawker.com, or any others in that niche, at the end of each article is usually a place to comment. My theory is to comment whenever and where ever you can, thus leaving and exposing your blog. Remember though only leave a comment, if you have something intelligent to add to the article that you read. If you get one new visitor that week visiting your blog, I think it’s worth commenting & showing off your blog.   (more…)

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Contest Winner & Young Entrepreneur’s Blog Gets MCB Award

Posted Saturday, August 14, 2010 by momscashblog | 15 Comments so far

youngprepro 300x156 Contest Winner & Young Entrepreneurs Blog Gets MCB Award

Momscashblog had a chance to be part of  Lee Ka Hoong’s of MyBlog2Day.com blog’s contest last month. MCB was asked to donate a gift and I chose to donate a cash prize to the winner of his contest. MyBlog2Day.com holds contest quite frequently and he always draws a good crowd, this one was no different. If you love contest, then check out MyBlog2Day.com and see when Lee’s next contest is, you will want to enter.

The winner of MyBlog2Day.com contest was Onibalusi Bamidde of Youngprepro.com. I was given his email so I could send my portion of his prize via PayPal, which was just one part of his many prizes that he was to receive. I think you’ll find Onibalusi a very interesting young man, I did just from the short correspondence we had through the email about his winnings. I found his personality something that came through even though we were emailing back ‘n’ forth.  He’s only 16 years old and from Nigeria. His father died at an early age and Onibalusi had a very understanding mother who evidently encouraged him in everything he did, especially his love of computers. He mentions that he received his first computer at the age of 13 and now at the age of 16 has his first blog. Onibalusi feels that he can and will change the blogging world. You know what ? I believe this young man will, and is on his way to bigger things and will achieve his status of an entrepreneur before we know it. I wish him all the luck and great success that I know will come his way.

When I went to check out YoungPrePro’s blog, I found a really informative and fun blog. His style of writing was easy to read and he writes about content that you won’t find in other make money blogs, which is refreshing in itself. It seems like he’s been blogging for 10 years or more. You’ll find yourself reading his or one of his many guest blog writers post and find yourself saying “I never thought of that technique”. He has great ideas for back-links,  traffic that you can deliver to your blog & how the traffic you get can determine a lot about you the blogger. He has great posts about Social Networking that are intriguing and sure to make you think more about SocialNetworking and your blog while making money.

After reading Onibalusi’s blog (more…)

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The Planet is one of HostGators Servers

Posted Thursday, August 5, 2010 by momscashblog | 14 Comments so far

Well MomsCashBlog is finally back online and I couldn’t be happier, it has been a trying time for me and I’m sure that everyone is wondering what the heck happened this time. I’ll tell you it was the same as before, but with a longer length of time. It also was much more involved and that’s what took the time.
This really took a lot out of me and I will tell you honestly if it wasn’t for my new theme that has me really jazzed and all of the positive feedback from all of you, I think I would of thrown in the proverbial towel. I can’t say that this came at a good time (never a good time) with bills, & health concerns, but hey we are all dealing with something… I can’t complain or shouldn’t. Life must go on. I didn’t want this to be a long drawn out post, but I feel that the whole story must be told in order to let some people know what is going on and to calm the nerves of those that are worried about visiting my blog.

HostGator and MomsCashBlog’s Correspondence

Dear Sir/Ma’am,
I have been a loyal HostGator customer for several years now however, over the past couple of months, my website has been infected to no end that is making me reconsider my choice of choosing HostGator as my hosting co. I have always received prompt responses to emails and things of that nature, however the infections in my website are causing me to be offline for several days at a stretch and resulting in the loss of substantial amounts of income.

The “Reported Attack Page” that Google has put up on my website displays servers that my website has been hosted on. One of them includes AS21844 – THE PLANET. Upon further research, it turns out that ThePlanet is actually HostGator but more importantly, the AS21844 server has several instances of infections. On the Google Webmaster Tools admin panel, it suggests that I refer to a guide on the Stop Badware blog that you may have heard of as well. On the same blog is this post that really worries me ( http://blog.stopbadware.org/2010/07/06/what-we-learned ). In that, it states that AS21844 (the server I am hosted on) actually is one of the Top 50 most infected networks.

Although there may be other factors affecting my website, it seems as though the biggest red flag is being hosted on that particular server. Furthermore, if you search for ThePlanet on StopBadware or even AS21844 (http://blog.stopbadware.org/live_search?q=AS21844) you will come up with several instances of this taking place. My webmaster has informed me that instead of switching hosts that I should request to be put on another server on HostGator. Furthermore, he informed me that HostGator should upgrade my SSL version from 2.0 to 3.0 because security does get compromised because of it as well. These are precautionary measures and I am attempting to give HostGator one more last chance before I look elsewhere.

I really hope that you can resolve these issues and get back with me while I attempt to clean my website of any issues that it is dealing with.
Best Regards,
JJ from MomsCashBlog.com

HostGators Reply

Our servers host tens of thousands of websites each, and I think I’d be hard pressed to find one among our thousands of servers that Google doesn’t think there’s malware of some kind on. This is a very common issue, and it does not affect you directly. The problem isn’t with the malware on the server, but the fact that Google doesn’t remove sites from the malware database until the site owner asks them to. Some site owners don’t take a very active role in maintaining their sites, so it could take months for the sites to be removed, even if they’ve been clean all along.

We will not be able to move your sites between servers, as this will not solve these problems. Have you requested that your site be removed from the malware site database yet? (more…)

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How to Write Ads That Sell — Part II

Posted Friday, July 18, 2008 by momscashblog | 27 Comments so far

The following guidelines will help you write good ad copy if you’re using your blog to make money by selling a product or service. If you need to know more about ad writing, there’s many books with more details (Also read Part I in my last post). Here’s a couple of books on advertising that are rated very well: The Online Advertising Playbook and Tested Advertising Methods.

Ad headlines are different from blog post titles, so don’t use this advice for post titles. Headlines can be 2 or 3 lines long and they should be intriguing. On the other hand, blog post titles should be short and to the point if you want them to be searchable. You don’t have to worry about anyone searching for the headline of your ad. They’ll be searching for your product or service.

Ask a Question Headline: Ask a question in your headline to compel your reader to continue reading the ad. Some good question headline starters are: Why should you… What would you do if…. When should you… Would you… Should you… Could you… Did you know… and What if… An example would be: What would you do if your blog traffic doubled overnight and tripled within a week’s time?  (more…)

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