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Free Blog Tutorial

Posted Friday, December 7, 2007 by momscashblog | 75 Comments so far


How To Create A Blog for ONLY $2.00

STEP-BY-STEP Free Online Tutorial

This easy & free tutorial will teach you how to create a self hosted WordPress blog, with a custom domain name and it will also teach you how to set your new blog up with ads, affiliate links and widgets to make money off of it and turn it into a “money making blog” like mine is…Get started!

The first thing that you need to do is get a custom domain name.


If you already have a custom www. domain name then just skip this step.

If you are using this tutorial and the $1.99 deal from Yahoo has expired you can simply use this link below to get a domain name through GoDaddy and only pay $7.49.

Click here to buy a Godaddy domain name

It is REQUIRED to have a custom domain for the next step..

The next thing you must do is go get your blog web hosting. This is VERY important because you need a good host to support your new blog and domain.

I ONLY use one blog hosting company for this because they are excellent and have an instant install feature which creates your WordPress blog for you…with just 1 click of a mouse!
It is SUPER easy and anyone can do it! I have a coupon code that you can use here to get your first month for only a penny (seriously) and there is NO setup fee.

Just enter the word ( wordpress ) or ( jury )when it asks for your promo or coupon code and it will apply the discount.

Also make sure to choose the hosting package that is named “BABY” because that is the one you need for this to work!

They only have three shared hosting packages to choose from ~ so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out.




Once you have the domain and hosting ordered and ready you should get emails from both Yahoo and Host Gator about your two new accounts and products.
You should have received an email from Host Gator with some instructions and information.
In that email you will see something that says name servers and it will have two name server IP addresses.

Write those down and go to the email you got from Yahoo domains.
In the 2nd email that Yahoo sends you there is a link to go to your small business home page to manage your domain.

Click this link to take you to your Yahoo domain control panel

Login above using the Yahoo ID that you used to sign up for your new domain.

Next you need to unlock your domain, confirm…go to manage advanced DNS settings and once you click on that scroll to the bottom of the page.
You will see the nameservers area.
You must wait for your domain to be active (usually takes about 30-60 minutes after you purchase your domain) for this step to work and allow you to proceed.
If your domain is active there is a button you can click that says something like: edit or change your DNS settings (domain name servers.)
CLICK that button and erase the two address that are typed into those two boxes. They have Yahoo’s name in them.
Completely erase those and refer to that piece of paper where you jotted down the two name servers from your Host Gator email.
Enter those in the two boxes and click submit changes or OK.
Next go back and LOCK your domain again – Don’t forget to do this guys, it is very important!!!

Now once you have done that step three listed above…your domain should be set up and changes will take effect in 24 hours or less (usually way less, about 2 hours or so.)

NEXT…we set up our wordpress blog with our host!

Okay…so go to that email that Host Gator sent you and there should be information on how to login to your Cpanel.

This Cpanel is where you are going to setup and edit certain aspects of your blog – so get used to it but don’t be intimidated by all of the buttons and lingo it has.

I promise I will help you not to get lost nor confuse you!

Once you are logged into your cpanel, you want to scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a blue smiley face that says FANTASTICO – Click his face!


Now on the left you will see a menu that says Blogs and under that it says WordPress - Click that WordPress link!


In most cases, your web host will provide you with the latest version of WordPress. Now in the middle of the screen you will see something that says “New Installation” – Click on that dark blue link and it will automatically install your blog for you. It will ask you a few questions so that you can set up your blog now…Here are these questions and what you should type in:

· INSTALL IN DIRECTORY: Leave this blank guys!!!

*** Below in red – whatever username and password you decide on I URGE you to write these down NOW before you proceed – you’ll need them in a few minutes again and you may forget)


· Administrator-username: Enter the name of your new blog (same as your domain but without the www. and also with the .com – just the text name of it with NO spaces!

· For example…if your domain name was www.mynewblog.com you would just enter the name (mynewblog) and that’s all.

· Password: Enter a password for your new blog – ONLY you will use this

Then it says: Base Configuration

· Now it asks for an admin nickname: Enter the same username you did above

· Admin e-mail: Just enter any email address you want here (your main email address is best)

· Site name: Just enter the name of your new blog here

· Description: Enter the description (keep it really short) for your new blog here.

Then it says: E-mail account configuration

· Now here you are setting up a custom email address that is associated with your blog…

· So you can type in here whatever you want to go before the @yourdomainname.com.

· For example if my domain name was www.yourbloghere.com and I wanted to make my email Jane@yourbloghere.com

· I would simply enter my name or whatever text I wanted here in this box. This has to be filled out but you don’t have to use this email after setting it up – It is optional : )

· Next it asks you to set a password for that email address you just created…

· Skip the next two lines that read: POP/SMTP server and POP/SMTP server port. Leave them as is – DO not erase nor type anything in these boxes!!!

Now Click The Button At The Bottom That Says INSTALL WORDPRESS.

Now some text will appear and it says step 2/3 , Just click the FINISH INSTALLATION button at the bottom!

Once you click that button, a lot of useful info will appear so get a pen and print this next page – MUST save for your records!!!

Write these details down and print, also it should appear that your blog should be set up as follows:


So it should be your domain name and /wp-admin at the end.

That is the link you will need ALWAYS from now on to edit your new blog!


Now once you go to that URL they gave you with the /wp-admin at the end…go to it and it will ask you for a username and password.This is the username you typed in during sign up a few steps back (listed above in RED) Same as the password!

Now you are logged into you new blog – Great Job!

To choose your blogs new template or theme you can go to where it says APPEARANCE in the light blue LEFT menu bar. Click that link…


Click on THEMES and now it will show you the theme you currently have and you can see that by opening up a new window and typing in your new domain name – Cool…now you have a working blog!

If you want to change it you can click on the link ADD NEW THEMES on the left menu bar which is still under the APPEARANCE menu.


It will provide you search options on what specific feature of a theme you are looking for such as color, number of columns, etc. Keep in mind if you want to have sidebars where you can add advertising choose a layout/theme with at least 1 side column.

Once you find the perfect look and theme, click INSTALL to apply the theme on your blog.


NOW you are set – way to go – You just installed your new theme.

Congratulations, you’re done.

Go check it out by typing in your domain name

So now if you want to add advertising to your new theme/blog go here:

You’re already in the right place (APPEARANCE) now click on WIDGETS like shown in below image. It will give several widgets that you could use on your blog.


At the right side part, you should see either sidebar 1 or sidebars 1 and 2… It depends on the theme you chose.


Look for the widget TEXT and DRAG it to either your Sidebar 1 or 2.


Now by doing this we have allowed ourselves more opportunities to add as many widgets, html codes, blocks of text and advertising links as we need : ) – So what does this all mean?

There is a top bar that is to be used for the TITLE NAME of your advertisement or widget/html code. Enter your title in there…name it anything you want.

*** Then the big blank white box is where you place or paste the code or widget code you have ***

Once you’re done pasting in the code or text/widget/advertisement – just click SAVE CHANGES in the bottom right hand corner of the page you’re on.

That’s all folks.

Repeat this step if you want to add text boxes that need to be drug into the sidebars and set up just like we did with this one.

Use as many as you wish – they just need to be set up with these steps in BLUE again! Email me if you need help : )


Watch the latest videos on YouTube.com – Watch my upcoming tutorial videos on YouTube & Revver Soon Too!

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Belal August 23rd, 2010 (11:09 am)

Keep up! We want more!!!

momscashblog August 24th, 2010 (2:02 am)

@Belal, thanks so much for the kind words. I noticed your comment is under “free blog tutorial” are you starting a new blog? Let me know the name of it and I will take a peek at it. thanks jj

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Lisa, Thanks for stopping here at MomsCashBlog I hope you used the free blog tutorial and will soon have your blog up and running. If you need any tips later on, email me and I will get back to you. Promise! Glad to have you blogging and one of us. jj

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