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Posted Saturday, July 3, 2010 by | 23 Comments so far

May and the month of June have been hell for MCB. With malware hitting my site in May up to 3 times and then in June, was just too much. I was so tired of emailing back and forth to Hostgator and then begging GoogleWebmasterTools to please reconsider my site and get it back up and running. After checking with my hosting company, they indicated that… “the last time Google found any malicious content was 03/13/2010.” Yet I’ve had several attacks since March, and here I was in June of 2010. It’s hard to make money with one’s blog when it’s going off-line a couple of times a month. After all that is the purpose of having this blog, to make extra money.

I took a chance and reached out to a fellow blogger that I was hoping would say yes to helping me. The internet can be very tricky, people can pretend they’re something that they’re not, some will inflate their income tell you they have many more blogs than just one. But they’d rather not tell anyone the name of the other blogs/websites. I never understood the reasoning behind that one, well maybe I do. But for some reason I believe that when you are a blogger your dealing with a different caliber of personalities. I found that out when I first started my blog, you can connect with some of the nicest people you will ever meet. I’m still friends with many bloggers, with emails and phone calls back ‘n’ forth.Oh I’ve encountered one or two blogger (bullies ?) that didn’t like the idea of me buying “this” blog. No matter what I did back then those bloggers would never come around and finally gave up writing rude and snide things about me. But that was back a few years, before I even really knew about blogging, hell I’m still learning everyday.lol With that said I reached out to a blogger that I knew was smart with codes, ftp’s, and all of those other things I needed help with. That blogger was Enkay, I had started visiting his blog back a few years ago, and knew from reading his post and comments that this was a very educated & honest guy with a good head on his shoulders. I also felt that I could trust him and I knew he had what I needed…. HELP.


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The Secrets of Turning Ones Passion into Making Money Online

Posted Wednesday, April 28, 2010 by momscashblog | 29 Comments so far

newecover1asm 125x150 The Secrets of Turning Ones Passion into Making Money OnlineTurning Ones Passion into a Business

We are always looking for new ways to make money online. We discuss affiliate marketing, starting a blog, or dropshipping with websites. But have you heard of “the Maker Movement” or “hobbypreneurs”?    It’s considered a “boom” on the internet, turning ones passions into  small businesses. A person with a gift  for  knitting, the arts, jewelry making,  writing stories or poetry whatever hobby you are into, can now make you money on the internet. Taking those hobbies  and creating a store online (small business) with the help of new internet applications that are coming out almost everyday,  anyone can now feature their wares on the internet and make money.

A lot of us have heard or are members of one of the very best sites on the internet for people with any kind of artistic know how, or a passion for crafting and that would be Etsy’s dot com. It is like a global marketplace where one can buy or sell their handmade items and turn them into cash. Martha Stewart has featured Etsy’s on her show several times as her favorite craft website. If any of you haven’t ever visited http://etsy.com you’ll see some of the most talented & unique craftsmanship, give it a look. Etsy’s gives you, the artist or craftsman a chance to make money and show  your work on your storefront.

People of all ages are turning their passions for crafts,hobbies, writings, & music  into businesses where it can either be full  or part time jobs.   Typically some of these ventures do just start off as a hobby or a love for a certain craft and later it transforms into a business online.

On Demand Publishing

Since the use of the internet, computer programs and high tech tools, things have been easier and cheaper to make in this age of  internet technology. You can now become a published author with your own hard or soft cover books. There are POD “print on demand” dot coms, self publishing, and ODP “on demand publishing” dot coms now.  One can get their stories, cookbooks, how to books or even that book of poetry  you have always thought you had in  you published, printed and you can start selling it at Amazon dot com or maybe Barnes & Noble. Have you had  dreams about vampires, like Stephanie Meyers phenom author of the Twilight series? I know she didn’t go with a ODP “on demand publishing” but just think about it, if you have a story in you you can get it published now without having to go through a large publishing company just to get turned down.

On cnn.com I had read an article about the subject of “on demand publishing” where the Director of http://lulu.com (which is one of the many “on demand publishing co.’s that one can find by a search) Gail Jordan was talking about all the great things that this fairly new nontraditional publishing companies can offer anyone who wants to write and get published. Jordan was saying there is no one telling you that they want you to change chapter 6 to chapter 10, or that the title doesn’t work for them, remember you can’t get rejected.  You pay for these services and they give you what you want without making you change anything.  Let’s not forget that this could be considered  “Green Publishing” you are only getting a certain amount of books printed so trees are being saved by using these services. (more…)

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My Servers Got Overloaded?

Posted Thursday, April 8, 2010 by momscashblog | 21 Comments so far

I have been working on a mini series for Momscashblog about 2 different friends who are making money on-line or rather on the internet. It involves two different posts/stories on how they are making “money by using the internet”.  We are all use to hearing or writing about how to make money online and although there is nothing new here,  I thought of these friends and how they “used the internet to make money” and    how any of us could do the same.

Before I publish Part 1 of my mini series, I felt that I had to write this post when unforeseen circumstances came to my attention. I’ve  found myself dealing with these circumstances and knew that I had to vent and bring this new issue out in the open.

My Servers Got Overloaded?

In the last few months I’ve received 2 separate  invitations from “The Adword team” that came in February as a Valentine card with a $100 redeemable coupon to put an ad up on Google Adwords. The card came to my home address via snail  mail, a red card with a white heart on the front saying “$100 free Google Adwords(tm) offer for Adsense customers – Redeem your coupon code at www.google.com/ads/overload.”  Then  you are provided with a code  that you enter after you have created your ad.   At the end of the card  was  a “special” greeting “Happy Valentine’s Day.  xoxo The Adwords team.”  (Sweet isn’t it?)

It would be very sweet to use the $100. and put an ad up on Google, are you kidding me who wouldn’t enjoy getting an ad up for nothing? Especially right now with times being hard and some of us are noticing low traffic rates. But there are a lot of problems that have been happening with this Google Adword campaign as I was soon to find out. When you do get to the Adword  page and start to put your ads together which isn’t an easy feat in itself. One has to think about what you want to say on your ad then there is the matter of what words are you going to use, remember some words are worth a lot and your ad price could go way up if people click on them leaving you paying a big ol’ bill to Google. Of course this all depends on what your budget is, if you are planning on using the $100 free coupon and maybe are willing to put in an extra one hundred dollars then you should pick your words with some trepidation. If you have a large budget along with the free coupon then you can really make your ad with the best keywords that you want to use. (more…)

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Are You Optimized? Here’s 5 Free SEO Tools

Posted Tuesday, March 2, 2010 by momscashblog | 36 Comments so far

SEO e1267214391227 Are You Optimized? Heres 5 Free SEO Tools

What is SEO?
The most basic definition of SEO (search engine optimization) would be; The use of various techniques to improve a web site’s ranking in the search engines and thus attract more visitors.

Here are 5 great tools you can use to help optimize your web site or blog. These tools will help you to see if your site is properly optimized, check your rankings, research your keywords and more. All of these tool are absolutely FREE!

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Is Your Comment Area Easy To Navigate?

Posted Wednesday, January 20, 2010 by momscashblog | 54 Comments so far

Lately I’ve been having some problems with leaving comments on certain blogs that I was visiting. It made me wonder if I was the  only one that was running into these problems and if it bothered anyone else? I wondered if I was just being too anal  about leaving comments?  Ever since I first started blogging I’ve always been big into commenting, I really like the interaction that a comment allows between the blogger and the reader. I know we all read a lot of blogs everyday or at least try to and I for one always try to leave a comment after reading ones post. Then I started to hit roadblocks now and then on certain blogs, where I was unable to find their comment area or the owner of the blog had you jumping through hoops just to leave a comment on their blog.

“Make sure your site is easy to navigate. Nothing is more frustrating than navigating a site where it’s easy to get lost. This will negatively impact your profitability since potential customers are unlikely to stick around if it’s too difficult to find what they want. Simple and direct navigation is key!” from webreference.com/authoring.

Do You Make Your Readers Jump Through Hoops?

I think some blog owners are unaware that their comment areas are too involve for some bloggers to take the time to either register or sign in to leave a comment. There are some blogs that I’ve noticed that are so cluttered that after you read the post you expect to see the comment area and your unable to find it, you try putting your cursor everywhere to see if you can find the exact spot where you are suppose to leave your comment. If I can’t find the comment area within so many seconds then I’m on my way to another blog, or on to another project that I have to do online. (more…)

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Are You Ignoring the Value of Keywords?

Posted Monday, January 11, 2010 by momscashblog | 38 Comments so far

The following article is a guest post by Source Blogger. At Moms Cash Blog, we are always looking for a diverse mix of guest authors to provide their own perspectives to our audience. As Moms Cash Blog evolves, we think it is essential to give you this type of outside exposure. What do you think?

As a blogger, I must say that I was very impressed with the Source Blogger blog. It is intelligent, relevant, with very informative articles that everyone will find useful.

With that being said, let’s get right into: Are You Ignoring the Value of Keywords? Many thanks SourceBlogger for this guest post…jj

In internet marketing, the term of “keywords” is a collection of words that related to particular topics which are mostly used by internet users in searching products or services. Your products or services.

Doing a keyword research for internet marketing involve various aspects, such as finding sales oriented keywords which could driving maximum targeted users to increase online sales. Your online sales. Doing a keyword research is the first step towards a successful search engine optimization campaign. You have to be very careful when selecting keywords, as it can be very tricky to select targeted keywords for a website.

In selecting the best of keywords should always be based on various aspects such as product names, services, brands, or general terms. When doing keyword research, it’s highly recommended to do a very thorough market research analysis to find the best keywords used by search engines to find products and services online – and find out what keywords are targeted by competitors who are doing well in marketing on the internet. (This typically will be other blogs in your specific niche/category.)

Are You a Mommy Blogger too? You Should Appreciate This. (more…)

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Running A Half Marathon

Posted Saturday, December 26, 2009 by momscashblog | 34 Comments so far

Bloggers Get the Word Out

When you have a blog on the internet whether it’s a blog for “making money online”  or a blog about “affiliate marketing” or just a “blog about life” every once in awhile you’re asked to  participate in helping a good cause.  Having your own blog feels great because you know that you are reaching thousands of people and that you have the ability of lending a helping hand to people that work for some of these great causes. This is one of those times, and it’s the pleasure of MomsCashBlog to be able to help The Fresh Air Fund in any way that we could and this is my contribution. We are asked to get the word out about a Spring Half Marathon that will be held this spring/March 2010 in the Big Apple and they need runners, sponsors, volunteers, and of course donations at any time are always welcomed.

First about The Fresh Air Fund

The Fresh Air Fund is  a not-for-profit agency that gives thousands of inner city children a chance of a life time. They have been giving these children this opportunity for more than 130 years which is really an outstanding accomplishment for a non-profit agency.  Fresh air says it all, for these children get a chance to get out of the city in the summer time when the cities are hot, steamy and ozone levels are high. They get to enjoy several weeks with a sponsored family that may live by the ocean and make sand castles in the sand, jump & run from the crashing frigid cold waves of the Atlantic ocean and breathe in the fresh salt air. Think about a child that has never left the confines of the city-” the cement jungle” but  are given a chance to stay at a camp with clean blue lakes and wildlife all around them, now imagine  sitting around a camp fire at night toasting marshmallows. Seeing skyscrapers & tenement buildings standing tall & straight every day of their lives, but for a couple of weeks they get to enjoy beautiful trees standing tall & green reaching upward for the clear blue skies. They may  take hikes in the forest and see wildlife that they may never see again.  For these two weeks of the summer these children become part of another family doing all the things that some of them  may never get to experience.  Playing family board games on a rainy day at camp, maybe tenting in the back yard, or helping with the family veggie garden and tasting fresh fruit that they picked with their own hands. These are all memories that these children will cherish for their lifetime and you as a sponsored family will feel great knowing that you gave some child a chance of looking at the world in a different light and may lead them on a completely different path later in their life.   Everyone wins in this program.. (more…)

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