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Good News About the Economy!

Posted Tuesday, July 8, 2008 by momscashblog | 11 Comments so far

It’s no secret that the economy is in a bad way right now. Some call it a “slow down”, some are calling it a “crunch” but whatever you call it, times are hard. We’re feeling the pinch with record breaking gas prices and the cost of food going up at a steady rate. Some businesses are going under and people are losing their jobs. Last week, the US Department of Labor said the total number of people claiming unemployment in the US is around 404,000… that’s 82,000 more than last year. This month Starbucks will be closing 600 shops which will mean thousands more will be unemployed or displaced. Are you tired of hearing all the bad news yet?? Well, here’s some good news…

Blogs are NOT affected by the economy!

The good news is that blogs are not affected by the troubled economy because online advertising is still going strong! In fact, revenue from online advertising is on the rise. By 2012 online ad spending is expected to double to $50 billion. So if you have a blog monetized with ads, you can breath a little easier in these troubled times.

In a bad or slow economy, companies have to tighten their belts and adjust their budgets just as we all do. That doesn’t mean they stop spending on advertising. Not at all. Sometimes they even go into hyper-mode to compensate for the slow down. In times like these, they have to “advertise smart” to make every penny count. Online advertising is proven to be the most effective ads since they’re able to target the audience they want. Advertisers are seeing great results from search and keyword advertising, contextual ads (like Google AdSense), display ads, and even online classified ads.

So if you have a blog that is monetized with ads, this is great news! You should know that your source of income will not dry up anytime soon. (Wish that were so for everyone in the world!) It might be a good idea to get into multiple blogs for added income. If you have a  post driven blog and you have the time to invest, you could start one or two Affiliate blogs on the side, or vice versa.

For anyone who is thinking about starting a blog, this is a perfect time to do it, IF you have the time to invest. The cost is low, around $100 a year for hosting and domain name, depending on who you go with.  It’s a good investment and could be the  ”insurance” you need during this crunch. Blogging can be a part-time or full-time job, depending upon your schedule and your desire for success. It’s a great job and I promise you’ll love your boss! lol

A lot of moms make money online by blogging as a part time job and I think more should get into it if they can. Not only is it fun, but it brings in extra cash for stay at home moms. In these hard times families need all the income they can get and blogging is a great way to make money.

And remember… there’s plenty of ads to go around!

Conspirama July 8th, 2008 (3:23 am)

Good News About the Economy!…

A lot of moms make money online by blogging as a part time job and I think more should get into it if they can. Not only is it fun, but it brings in extra cash for stay at home moms. In these hard times families need all the income they ……

Economy » Candidates spar on economy July 8th, 2008 (2:21 pm)

[...] Good News About the Economy!It’s no secret that the economy is in a bad way right now. Some call it a “slow down”, some are calling it a “crunch” but whatever you call it, times are hard. We’re feeling the pinch with record breaking gas prices and the cost of food … [...]

Beth July 9th, 2008 (2:46 pm)

Hey JJ, Good to know the blog economy is doing good cuz I’m starting a blog for the second time now. (hopefully I will get it right this time LOL)

Happy to see you’re still here! :) Been on vacation so guess I have some catching up to do.

Meme July 10th, 2008 (11:40 pm)

Great article…and you are right,”online advertising is still going strong”. With the cost of gas it is predicted that online shopping will soar. It only makes sense that retailers will turn to the internet and online advertisment will soar too!

Moms Cash Blog July 17th, 2008 (3:24 am)

Beth… This should be your last blog now that you’re on WordPress.org. (and not WordPress.com) Now you can have ads on your blog and make money. You can start with LinkShare if you like… (I just put a new ad up today. :) )

Meme… The cost of gas has made ME buy more things on the internet, for sure. Good to see you again!

Alex The Millionaire Viral Cash Gifting July 17th, 2008 (10:28 pm)

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One Year Millionaire July 20th, 2008 (8:39 pm)

blogging will always be monetized to perfection :)

Shawn Knight July 21st, 2008 (2:57 am)

“Dark Knight Sets Opening Weekend Box Office Record $155 Million” — I’m just not sold on the whole THE ECONOMY IS CRASHING garbage that the media feeds everyone, yet… the public is able to go out and set box office records for a Batman movie?

Moms Cash Blog July 21st, 2008 (3:03 am)

I agree with you Shawn. We also have to stop thinking it is bad or we can make it worse. If we panic. I wanted to tell something good about the economy and whats even better that it had to do with blogs, for those of us who ae bloggers.

Lisa P December 2nd, 2008 (5:51 am)

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